My Bram Stoker Festival 2015 in Photo’s

Bram Stoker Festival 2015

Patrick, Smith and I took advantage of some of the free family friendly events that took place on Sunday and Monday last, October 25th and 26th for the Bram Stoker Festival.

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My Bram Stoker Festival 2015 in Photo's

On Sunday we were joined by Smith’s Granny, my mum, which was really nice and also allowed us adults to experience Maser‘s Art Installation in Smithfield Market Square.

My Bram Stoker Festival 2015 in Photo's

My Bram Stoker Festival 2015 in Photo's

It wasn’t suitable for infants due to the smoke machine and strobe lighting. I found it really enjoyable. 

I also found the expressions on some it’s visitors faces as they left the installation enjoyable.

After the Maser experience we took ourselves to the Generator Hostel for the Smithfield Market  Fair – Gothic Edition. It was really busy and not the ideal place for a pram or a baby due to the loudness of the band playing, not a complaint, meerly an observation. Albeit to say we didn’t stay long but even so I got to chat to a few of the stall holders and it looked like a great success. You can find photo’s of the market on my Instagram account.

My Bram Stoker Festival 2015 in Photo's

After that it was on to Wolfe Tone Square for Stokerland which included entertainment, screen printing and dress-up. We were a little late to arrive as we stopped off for coffee along the way but we still caught a lively performance by Angie on a ladder juggling. We could have gotten involved with the screen printing but the totes were all gone so they were using pages … and Smith is still to young to understand anyway. I was very disappointed that we missed the costume photo session. Angie on the ladder distracted us and by the time we went over to the tent they were starting to finish up. We’ll know to get there earlier next time.

On Monday our little family, minus Granny this time, witnessed two-thirds of the Macnas Twilight Procession. Patrick and I had witnessed this magical group before and were excited to see them again. We weren’t disappointed.

My Bram Stoker Festival 2015 in Photo's

I love the theatre, drama and passion that they share. We caught the crow, Revelate & Celebrate and its followers,  at City Hall and the deer, Earth & Embers and its followers, in Temple Bar.

We had originally planned to make our way to Wolfe Tone Square to see all three of the Macnas processions meet, the crow, the deer and the wolf – Hallowed & Holy, but our time in the rain was spent as it was time to get our little boy home.

For more information on the Bram Stoker Festival, you can visit their Website.

My Bram Stoker Festival 2015 in Photo's

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My Bram Stoker Festival 2015 in Photo's

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