My Erdinger Oktoberfest Dublin 2012 in Photo’s

Erdinger Oktoberfest Dublin September 20th – October 7th, 2012


Oktoberfest is back again in its familiar docklands surroundings, which is Georges Dock for those unfamiliar with this beer drinking, sausage eating festival. This is the fifth year the beer festival has taken place in Dublin and the third year that Erdinger has sponsored the event, Paulaner was the beer in question in previous years. Unlike the real mccoy in Germany where there is an abundance of beers for every taste, here in Dublin we only get one brand …

Oktoberfest Entrance

Not that I’m complaining … as I do find it hard not to be tempted back each year to drink from massive beer steins, a stein being one litre might I add, eat a proper German Bradwurst topped with Sauerkraut and toe tap to the German festival music that makes you want to sway with your stein in the air and clink it off the steins of the visitors beside you.

Oktoberfest Beer Balloon

Although beer wouldn’t normally be my No.1 choice of alcoholic drink, when I do visit the festival, I always enjoy it. We visited the Erdinger Oktoberfest Dublin 2012 at about lunch-time yesterday. There weren’t too many visitors about when we first got there but the seats gradually began to fill as the sun came out. I ordered a stein of Erdinger ‘ Weizenbier’, which is a wheat beer, and it went down a treat. The beer itself has a cloudy appearance and when poured had a very frothy head and although this frothiness did relax, the beer itself stayed fresh and cold till the last drop, which might surprise, as it did take me quite a few conversations to finish and you’d almost expect it to be flat and warm.

Oktoberfest Beers

There are two other types of beer available at the festival, Erdinger ‘Fischer’s Hell’, which is a clear, golden coloured beer and a non-alcoholic beer. If beer really doesn’t float your boat or if you feel like the titanic after one or two steins then there’s  always the option of a glass of German red or white wine or spirits such as rum and vodka etc.

Edwina Elizabeth at Oktoberfest

The food smells and looks delicious. The German market at the event covers all food tastes with their Bavarian specialities, from potatoes to pastries, smoked pork to pretzels, cheese and even gingerbread hearts but my favourite has to be the bratwursts. These are available in plain and spicy, spicy being the tastier option in my opinion … oh and lets not foget about the sauerkraut, mustard and ketchup … nom nom!

Oktoberfest Sausages Edwina Elizabeth

As the festival is still running until October 7th there is still time to pop along, grab a stein, sample one or some of the traditional German specialities, perhaps get a photo with one of the many bartenders dressed in traditional Oktoberfest costume … and don’t fret if rain threatens as is it is mostly covered. Gates open at 12pm and if you plan on staying past 10pm be sure to purchase a wristband €6, as you won’t be served otherwise. On the positive side of this, €5 of the cost of the wristband provides for a food voucher while the remaining €1 goes to charity. Closing times are 12am midweek and 12.30am at the weekend.

Oktoberfest Marquee


Biergarten Sign


Oktoberfest Beergarden


Oktoberfest Candy

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