My Not So New New Year’s Resolutions 2014

New Year’s Resolutions 2014

New Year's Resolutions 2014


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I mentioned in my ‘Happy New Year‘ blog post that I never make a New Year’s Resolution not alone Resolutions. The reason for this is most likely because, I don’t think it has to be a ‘New Year’ to make a resolution and I tend to make new goals for myself most days, weeks and months. Now, like most peoples ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ some of my daily, weekly and monthly goals don’t reach the finish line. They are pipped at the post by distraction. My willpower weakens, my spirit dims. I don’t put energy into it or my aim changes … but sure that’s life and the way I see it, if you don’t put your whole heart into something then you don’t really want it or you are not ready for it, just yet.

This year, 2014, I’ve decided to make some Resolutions and share them with you and as it is past January 1st, they are ‘Not So New’. Some of my goals, you will relate to as they are common resolutions shared by many, others are my personal aims. I’ve broken my 20 goals into two sections Courses & Classes and Health, Hobbies & Life. They are in no particular order within these sections …

Courses & Classes Resolutions:

  1. Learn how to Drive – I started and stopped but I didn’t start again. I’ve gotten funny looks from people when I’ve mentioned that I don’t drive. I don’t really care what they think but I do know the pro’s and the con’s and the pro’s win so this year I am dragging the bull by the horns and I’m going to learn how to drive and as Patrick’s brother, Alan is the Owner/Instructor of Southside Driving School, I really have no excuse, do I?
  2. Complete a Toastmasters course or something similar – I’d consider myself of average confidence. Over the years from school to college and through different jobs I have spoken publicly. Some of these times have been better than others, however 2013 really hit the nail on the head for me that I need more confidence when doing so. Although I’ve admitted to myself that preparation is key and that I lacked it, I fumbled through my ‘Best Woman’s’ speech at my Best Friends Wedding and when I listened to the podcast recording with Spin South West just before Christmas, I shuddered at the amount of ‘Am’s’ and ‘Awwws’ I had said. Completing a course should benefit me in work and life.
  3. Complete a Cooking or Baking Class – Last year my Eton Mess recipe made it through to the Finals of the Glenisk Recipe Competition which was part of the Blog Awards. As a finalist I received a voucher for Kitchen Compliments, who not only sell kitchen ware but have courses in cooking and baking. I really enjoy both so I’ve decided to use my voucher this year to learn how to cook something special or bake something wonderful under the guidance of a professional.
  4. Take up a new Fitness Class – Last year I was all about Boxfit and Zumba. I haven’t been to either classes in a while and I thoroughly enjoyed both. I’ll probably return but I’m really interested in taking up a class I haven’t been to before.
  5. Complete a Course or Class for Fun – I don’t know what yet but I’m open to suggestion.

Health, Hobbies and Life Resolutions:

  1. Get Organised – I’m a pretty organised person. The proof of this? Last year I transferred to a new department in work, organised, planned and celebrated my wedding and took The Life of Stuff to the next chapter in it’s life. All this aside there is always room for better time management.
  2. Go to more Live music gigs – I love music, I love live music so this year I plan on witnessing more of it.
  3. Cook and Bake more – Courses and classes aside, the apron is coming out and I’m getting stuck into the kitchen where I plan on following recipes and making my own. Plus I really want to learn how to make ‘Crème Brûlée’ – This is Patrick’s favourite dessert so I want to be able to make it for him … and me.
  4. Walk my dog Charlie a little more – nothing more to say about that.
  5. Grow more herbs and flowers – Herbs for food for my belly and flowers for food for my soul. 
  6. Go back to the Gym and start Running– my attendance at the Gym last year was pathetic, plain and simple. With regard to running, last year I  got my hands on a spanky pair of New Balance trainers at the New Balance and Athletic Ireland partnership Launch. My goal was to put them to good use. I’ve worn them to my fitness classes and the gym but I really wanted to put them to the test when running. I tried to motivate both Patrick and I to do it. Our running project lasted about a month so in essence I failed, this year I won’t.
  7. Eat and Drink Healthy – I do eat healthy, most notably Monday to Thursday but I tend to ruin my weekly effort at the weekend. I know I’m not alone on this. When it comes to drink. Coffee is my vice which I’m not worried about but I don’t drink enough water so that’s where my changes will be made. We started to make smoothies in work and they were delicious and a great way to get fresh fruit and vitamins in, so it’d be great to keep that going. This week thanks to Lisa or should I say Lisa’s hubby who picked my name out of their twitter competition hat, I became the lucky twitter winner of a Juice2Go ‘Three Day Juice Detox’ so I’m looking forward to trying and testing that out. I’ll fill you in on the details afterwards. When it comes to booze, the ‘Drink Sensibly’ phrase is in my head this year.
  8. Paint – I’ve easels, paints, canvases but they have been packed away for longer than I remember, this year I’ll dust off the cobwebs.
  9. Sleep – I’m a night owl. I can’t help it, it’s just the way I am. This would be fine if I got the recommended sleep but I don’t and with studies concluding that women need more sleep than men and how the lack of sleep effects your weight, brain power and over all health. I know I need to make changes this year.
  10. Save – Just because I should. Bringing lunch to work, not buying so many coffees out, cracking down on all food wastage, turning off lights at home, taking appliances off standby, using coupons, writing shopping lists, spotting real deals – all of these should help towards a fatter purse.
  11. Travel – go somewhere in Ireland I haven’t been. Travel abroad to somewhere I haven’t been. I’ve travelled extensively. I love it. Adore it and I can’t wait to see where 2014 will take me.
  12. Go to the theatre and Cinema more – With so much talent on our theatrical doorsteps, this year I plan on taking my cultural understanding of plays and shows up a notch. I love watching movies and films. I’m most familiar with Irish, British, American and French films but I really enjoyed last years Polish Film Festival, Kinopolis at the IFI, so this year I’m ready to explore more film offerings from around the world.
  13. Work – Work hard, do my best and succeed.
  14. Family and Friends – Be the best and most loving, understanding, reliable, fun, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Aunty and Friend I can be.
  15. Blog – This year the plan is consistency –

Music – Listen of the Week, Gig Reviews, Gig News, Interviews

Culture & Events – Recommendations and Reviews, Event News

Travel – Reasons to Visit, Places and Spaces, Travel News 

Fashion & Style – Fashion Events, Fashion Fixes, Shop/Store and Market Recommendations and Reviews

Health & Beauty – Best Beauty Buys, Health News

Food & Drink – Bevvy of the Week, Restaurant/Pub/Cafe Recommendations and Reviews, Recipes

Wedding – The final posts will be published early 2014

So there you have it – my goals for 2014. Giving these resolutions a deadline of December 2014, it’ll be interesting to see how many I can check off as complete or how many I can check off as a successful lifestyle change.

What are your resolutions? Do you give yourself deadlines?

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