My Taste of Dublin 2014 Experience in Photo’s

The Taste of Dublin 2014 in Photo’s

Taste of Dublin 2014

Over the past few years I have looked forward to the Taste of Dublin and this year‘s, 2014, was no different. Each year I have attended whether the weather was a drizzling summer shower filled afternoon or a sun-soaked, gin-soaked evening, I have never been disappointed. This year was no different. I attended on the opening night which was Thursday last, June 12th. Minus the queues, lack of places to park your butt if you were wearing an outfit you’d rather not get grass stains on and weary high heel wearing feet – I did warn you gals!, I had a brilliant evening with none of the aforementioned dampening my spirits (gin) as I was jean wearing, flat sandaled and patient when I needed to be. With over 30,000 visitors to this years event and fantastic weather there is no doubt that the Taste of Dublin 2014 was simply a success.

I could mush on about loving this, liking that, buying this and wanting to buy that but I’ve decided to share my experience by sharing with you my favourite photographs from the afternoon/evening. There may be a few products you haven’t heard of which I would recommend you try, and which may be recommended on the blog in time, however if you do spot one of your own products here in this post, I will accept large quantities of it for research and review purposes … ahem …. but for now I’m going to let my photo’s do the talking …. click to zoom …

So there you have it … spot anything that tickles your fancy? I know it’s called the Taste of Dublin but as you can see there is more to it than tickling your taste buds. Did you go this year? What was your most and least favourite part and are you looking forward to Taste of Dublin 2015?

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