Nollaig Na Mban – January 6th 2013


So today (Nollaig Na Mban, January 6th) is the day that traditionally women around Ireland put down the pots and pans, leave the dishes in the sink, clothes on the line and meet up with their women family and friends, party and dance the night away! Personally I always knew today as Little Christmas whereby the last of the decorations were put away and the tree was finally taken down but I have to say I much prefer the former Irish tradition of Nollaig Na Mban. Now the reason for the tradition does go back to the days when the men of the house would sit and wait to be fed and when they rarely entered the kitchen, didn’t know how to boil an egg or iron a shirt so after all the hard work put in by the women of the house over the holidays (and year), this would be their kick back and relax time. Times have indeed changed, well in most households, where we all get stuck in with the cooking and cleaning irrespective of whether we are man or woman. However, I do still think there is room to keep a tradition like Nollaig Na Mban, and why? Well why not should be the question?

Nollaig Na mBan


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