Picture This! Dublin City Walking Tour October 2013

Picture This! – Dublin City, October 19th 2013


Picture This! Dublin-City

This was the invite I received from the lovely JR of Picture This! Dublin City … read the small print … how could I turn it down! I couldn’t so I RSVP’d that I’d be joining both Timi and JR of Picture This! Dublin City and whoever else, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Saturday morning, October 19th.

Promising to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed on a Saturday morning after working all week and it being the weekend could’ve been a false promise however it wasn’t and I met Timi and JR and everyone else (fellow bloggers, business peeps and fans) outside Clement & Pekoe, raring to go on the first ever Picture This! Dublin City Walking Tour. I was also pretty early … that’s eagerness for you eh!

The plan for the tour was to begin the day at 10:30am with a beverage and introduction at Clement & Pekoe, South William Street.  From there we were to visit Balla Ban, Beaux Bows, Irish Designer Shop, Sseduced, All City, Siopaella, Icon Factory, Pie -Man, and finally White Lady Art. For me it was to be a jam packed day of introductions to the people behind the places I’ve been, an introduction to places I haven’t been, people I didn’t know and I planned what Timi and JR had probably hoped for and that was to enjoy my city or as they put it #EnjoyYourCity.

Unfortunately I had to cut my part of the tour short as I had a very special event to organise on Saturday night that just could not be postponed … Nice one Timi for trying 🙂 However, from the time I spent on the tour, which took in Clement & Pekoe, Balla Ban, Beaux Bows, Irish Designer Shop and Sseduced … I had an absolutely great day.

Taking ‘Picture This!’ as a rule to myself when on the tour, a rule to myself that I normally always abide by anyway, I took quite a few snaps along the way, some of which I have shared with you in this post and others which I will share with you when I delve a little deeper into my favourite experiences of the day … i.e. stay tuned for more posts!

Introduction at Clement & Pekoe

Clement & Pekoe

Art appreciation at Balla Bán

Balla Ban

All the pretty things at Beaux Bows

Beaux Bows

Après Design at the Irish Design Shop

Irish Design Shop

The writing is on the Wall

Picture This! Dublin City Walking Tour

Smiling faces and tummies at Sseduced


For more information on Picture This! Dublin City you can visit their website here www.picturethisdublin.com where you’ll be able to connect with them, find out more about them, their planned events and of course find out when the next Picture This! Dublin City Walking Tour will take place … yes that is a recommendation. Oh and if you really like what you see then why not vote for them in the Upstarts Key to the City here.

One more thing I’d like to add is a thank you to … JR and Timi for the invite … all the lovely folk I met on the tour and of course … the inspiring and talented business owners I was introduced to on the day. Cheers!

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