Póg – Fro-Yo, Salad’s, Juices – 33 Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin 1

Póg – Fro-Yo – Salad’s – Juices

Póg - Fro-Yo, Salad's, Juices - 33 Bachelor's Walk, Dublin 1You would think that it’d be easy to get a good salad nowadays in the many food selling establishments Dublin has to offer and to be completely honest I’m a dab hand at rustling up my own once I have the right ingredients … but there lies the problem with a not-so-good salad, it’s the not-so-good ingredients. Yes for me there is nothing worse than limp lettuce, dry chicken, gluey sauce, small portions and boredom. I have been surprised by the lack of taste of some salads I’ve dined on during my work lunchtime’s. I have also been impressed with some and the place that has had me coming back for more of their offerings over the past few months is Póg – no shock to my Instagram buddies!

Póg has only been open for four months and the building it can be found in was unused for quite some time as far as I remember. I pass the place on my way to work every morning and was intrigued to see what the once empty building would hold. I was happy to see it being renovated and to see the white and bright walls it had on the days that led up to its opening. Once it was open, I stepped inside.

Póg - Fro-Yo, Salad's, Juices - 33 Bachelor's Walk, Dublin 1

Póg consists of a bright white walls, colourful lamp shade, chairs, tables and a couch. It has a long counter with a salad section at one end and a juice, smoothie and coffee-making section at the other. There’s a cooler full of healthy prepackaged drinks and a shelving display full of healthy but indulgent food, stuff like gluten-free biscuits, protein bars and the likes so there’s something for everyone and that’s what Póg is all about …

Here at pog we like the idea of treating ourselves. However we also believe in fresh healthy living. On this basis we decided to combine health and indulgence in our new store just off O’Connell Bridge.’ (www.ifancyapog.ie)

Póg - Fro-Yo, Salad's, Juices - 33 Bachelor's Walk, Dublin 1What to do at Póg …

Póg means kiss in Irish and although I haven’t tried to buy a kiss in the place, something I wouldn’t recommend, I have been kissed by their delicious salads, soup, smoothies and fro-yo’s, things I would recommend.