Rabbit Hole Promotions – The Street Art of Advertising

Rabbit Hole Promotions

Rabbit Hole Promotions - The Street Art of Advertising

Up until a little while ago I’d wondered about the Street Art / Graffiti I’d spotted around Dublin City on the walls of unused and sometimes dilapidated buildings, on the sides of thriving cafe’s and restaurants and on the free walled spaces of businesses that I had previously blindly saw. The pieces I’d noticed were a little different to the usual stuff I’d seen around the city. Like all Street Art there were messages behind the colourful painted images but these weren’t your usual subliminal messages, take what you want from them and maybe take note of the signature. These were Street Art Advertisements not just for the artist but for local events and small to multinational companies. Some call it guerilla advertising but there was no mist around what I saw, as the messages were clear and concise. 

Rabbit Hole Promotions - The Street Art of Advertising

Decide how you will about this new-found advertising and marketing strategy. These Street Advertising Spaces. Decide that you don’t agree with this new way that allows for companies call out to you to buy their goods or for you to visit their events. That that cafe’s wall should be painted like it’s neighbours and it’s neighbours’ neighbours. I made my decision as soon as I saw them and it wasn’t so much as a decision as a natural response of ‘fair play Rabbit Hole Promotions and thank you for brightening the city’ You see for me I would rather see hand painted artwork to a half torn billboard any day. I’d rather see the ugly wall of a disused building painted. I welcome the fact that some businesses are attracting my attention for the first time or more so, now that I can see them for what they represent and that’s forward thinking and street art/graffiti loving.

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Not content with just observing these advertisements around the city, I went web searching Rabbit Hole Promotions and found their website which I have to say answered all my questions. Questions like do they own the spaces they paint on? Yes they rent the spaces from the building owners. Do they only work on Street Art adverts? No they design for business interiors, shutters and exteriors. Do they hire Graffiti Artists / Street Artists? No it’s all in-house, making them a one-shop Street Art Advertising stop, which in return allows them to provide understanding, undivided attention and value for money. Nice.

Rabbit Hole Promotions - The Street Art of Advertising

Satisfied with now knowing the business side of Rabbit Hole Promotions, I wanted to know a little more about the creative side of it. I know that they work to project briefs but use their own creativeness to decide on final artwork but I wanted to know a little more about the creative thoughts and opinions of the Artists. So I spoke with Mark Lacey the Managing Director of Rabbit Hole Promotions who in return put me in touch with Derek McDonnell the teams Creative Director. I’ve always had an interest in Street Art and Graffiti but never took this interest further than admiring some Dublin Artwork and sharing my photo’s of them here on the blog, social media or looking at the pictures in my ‘Street Knowledge by King Adz‘ book which has sat on my coffee table for the past few years. With the opportunity in hand to asked a ‘real live’ Graffiti Artist questions and spur on my interest, I asked Derek the questions I wanted answers to …

Do you like or agree with the term Graffiti Art?
The term ‘Graffiti Art’ is probably the only thing I hate about Graffiti.

Do you think all Graffiti should have a message?
I don’t think Graffiti should have a message. Graffiti by its very nature is based upon getting your name up in as many places as physically possible and nothing to do with connecting with the general public. Street Art on the other hand is all about messages and soppy crap.

In relation to the art and effectiveness, what is more effect, word or images?
Personally, I feel imagery is always more effective than words. Painting words on a wall is what it is. People walking by will stop and read it and all see the same thing ​, generally speaking,​ whereas painting an elaborate piece of artwork makes each individual see and react to it differently.

Apart from the obvious, can you give signs of bad Graffiti Art?
As a graffiti artist one can notice minor details such as how clean a line looks that the average Joe would over look. Knowing how other painters think and view each others pieces always keeps me striving to better myself.

How do you psych yourself up for working on a ‘big piece’ … listen to music, drink coffee, smoke cigars?
A cup of coffee and a cigarette is key before starting any big piece.

There’s a stereotype that all Graffiti Artists are Hip-Hop fans … what do you listen to?
It’s a fact! The two just go hand in hand. I love listening to Hip Hop while I’m painting but when I’m not, it’s all about techno.

When did you know you wanted to become a Graffiti Artist and what does it take to become the best in your field?
It’s not really something I ever planned on becoming. The only way of becoming the best is by painting as much as humanly possible so as to better your skills and to get notoriety.

If you could add one of your creations to any building in the world, what building would it be and what would you paint?
Dáil Éireann. You don’t want to know what i would paint. ​


If you’d like to see your or your company name ‘on sites’ as opposed to ‘in lights’ you can visit the Rabbit Hole Promotions website here for contact information www.rabbitholepromotions.com 

Innovation is alive and kicking in Ireland and Rabbit Hole Promotions are painting the city bright with it.

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  1. Hi, are these guys gone? or changed name? their site is currently down.


  2. Hi Vincent – it’s time to update this post or write a new one … the company is now called Subset 🙂

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