Six Awesome and Easy Kids Party Ideas

Six Awesome Kids Party Ideas

All kids love to have a birthday party. It is their chance to shine and be the centre of attention. The problem is that kids can be tough to please. They are no longer happy with some balloons and a few silly party games. Instead, you will need to come up with a truly amazing party theme to keep your little guests happy – not to mention the boy or girl whose party it is!

Six Awesome and Easy Kids Party Ideas

Water Parties

Water parties are perfect for hot summers. If you have a swimming pool in the garden, you have a head start already, but if you don’t, it is time to introduce some water so the kids can have a wet and wild time. A water slide rental is one way to ramp up the excitement – most kids adore playing on a water slide and on a hot day they will have hours of fun. For younger kids, set up sprinkle systems or fill up paddling pools and provide lots of buckets, watering cans and other plastic toys.

Remember to ask guests to bring swimwear and a towel.

Six Awesome and Easy Kids Party Ideas

Princess Parties

All little girls love princess parties. This party is fairly easy to organise and you can spend as much or as little as you like. Pink is a good colour theme, so bake a pink cake and decorate it with silver sprinkles and pink frosting. Hire some cute princess outfits and let the girls try them on so they can pretend to be princesses.

Six Awesome and Easy Kids Party Ideas

Dinosaur Parties

Boys (and girls) love dinosaurs, so a dinosaur themed party is an excellent idea. To keep the kids amused, let them go hunting for dinosaur bones. All you have to do is section off an area of garden and bury some plastic dinosaurs. Give the kids a few tools and see how long it takes them to find their dinosaur remains. You could have the theme from Jurassic Park playing in the background while they search.

Six Awesome and Easy Kids Party Ideas

Beach Parties

Beach parties are a cool idea, but if you live a long way from the beach, create your own artificial beach for the afternoon. Fill up some plastic sandpits with safe play sand and provide lots of buckets and spades. The sand will probably get everywhere, but it won’t do your garden any harm.

Six Awesome and Easy Kids Party Ideas

Wildlife Parties

Organise a wildlife party and take the kids on a bug hunt. Give children a plastic magnifying glass and see how many creepy crawlies they can find in the garden. Make bug themed food and hand out plastic bug party favours. Little kids will love it!

Six Awesome and Easy Kids Party Ideas

Art Parties

Children love to be creative and an art themed party should go down a treat. All you have to do is provide lots of paint, crayons, glitter and glue, plus stacks of paper, and your guests will have a ball.

Kids’ parties are not difficult to organise, but make sure you warn parents what to expect when their child comes home, particularly if you go with a creative theme.


Six Awesome and Easy Kids Party Ideas

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