Lanzarote Offers Something Spectacular

Lanzarote, a beautiful island of the Canaries boasts some of the most spectacular volcanic scenery to be seen on the planet.

One of the best places to visit to see this impressive landscape is Timanfaya National Park, also known as ‘Fire Mountain’, named after a large village that was overcome by the volcanic eruptions of 1730 to 1736. The landscape offers the most diverse aspects of post volcanic scenery in one area, with lava domes, scarred basins, lava fields, ash and lapilli deserts and lava tunnels, the area has often been compared to a lunar landscape. Best visited on a clear sunny day when the volcanos can be seen shining in different colours, glistening across the landscape, offering a truly unique scenery and experience.

The Beautiful Island of Lanzarote Offers Spectacular Scenery

In stark contrast to the barren landscape of the Timanfaya is the Valley of 1000 palms, located to the north of the village of Haria which is nestled in the basin of the valley. The difference in climate has enabled a lush green environment to cultivate. In this area, you will be able to view a breath-taking landscape of vegetation with unique flora and of course an array of different palm trees, that, according to legend have flourished with the aid of Haria villagers who plant a palm tree every time a baby is born in the village.

The Beautiful Island of Lanzarote Offers Spectacular Scenery

Lanzarote to many holidaymakers is like the sunny paradise. Travellers get to enjoy beautiful resorts, and sparkling white and black sand beaches. Naturally, water sports are a big attraction and despite the island’s small size there are several snorkelling tours and scuba diving centres in operation here. Diving into the crystal blue waters off Lanzarote’s shores invites visitors into an underwater world filled with rays, coral reefs, groupers and caves. On the surface of the water, windsurfing, fishing and sailing are also popular activities. Whilst there are plenty of beaches to enjoy, Playa Papagayo and Playa Blanca are the most scenic and the perfect place to soak up the sun with a cocktail in hand.

The Beautiful Island of Lanzarote Offers Spectacular Scenery

In Playas de Papagayo there is a cluster of the most beautiful natural beaches on the Island. Some are covered or overlooked by the natural rocky landscape, and the beaches remain untouched because the government protects them. Witnessing where the delightful, clean, sandy beaches meet a transparent azure sea is an absolute must for any scenic traveller. 

The Beautiful Island of Lanzarote Offers Spectacular Scenery

Lanzarote ticks every box for a perfect island getaway and is easily accessible from Ireland, the UK and numerous European cities. This accessibility means it’s becoming increasingly popular for every type of traveller.

A Lanzarote holiday also makes for a fun-filled destination holiday with friends or family  – not only could your holiday experience be improved, but, you’ll most likely save a considerable amount of money when sharing the costs of travelling and exploring the island as a group, meaning even more freedom!


Written by: Mary Jane Martin. Mary Jane is a travel enthusiast currently working for a full-service local Travel Digital Agency. She has a passion for traveling around the world, and writes about her many adventures and mishaps while exploring life’s myriad secrets.

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