The Life of Stuff is Turning 3 Years Old !!!

The Life of Stuff is Turning Three !!!

The Life of Stuff is Turning 3 Years Old in August

I really can’t believe The Life of Stuff will be turning 3 years old this month! 

You know The Life of Stuff makes me very happy. Not only do I get to share my little life adventures here with you on The Life of Stuff but I have been granted some amazing opportunities because of The Life of Stuff, with one of the highlights being my freelance work … and with each day I’m grateful that I acted upon that little niggle in my head to get creative. I’ve always expressed myself creatively, in school, in college and in work but after travelling the world and succumbing to the daily grind I found I had to find a way to set my creative spirit free and so on August 23rd 2012 I wrote my first blog post and soon after that I had myself a blog and I’ve been learning to master it since.

Some of you have been with me from the beginning and have seen the blog change and take shape, growing from strength to strength. 

I too have changed, I’ve kept some shape and am growing from strength to strength … to think that in these past few years I’ve changed jobs, gotten married, had a baby and am now in the midst of buying my first home … this lassie is finally growing up and you’ve been there reading my posts and keeping me grounded and sane throughout the whole adventure … so THANK YOU!

As mentioned in my ickle poster above, I will be celebrating with the usual eclectic mixture of blog posts but I’ll also be hosting some fab competitions that should tickle lots of fancies. Don’t worry if you are not on Facebook, Twitter et cetera, as a Subscriber you can enter by leaving your name in the comment box at the end of the Competition Blog Post.

Thank you for subscribing to The Life of Stuff, your support means so much.

All my best,


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  1. Can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! Congrats on your achievements so far & best wishes for your future endeavours!