UpStart and Granby Park, August 22 – September 22

 Granby Park

UpStart’s moto is to promote the importance of creativity in Ireland and the latest project has been to turn a vacant and idle space on Dominic Street Lower, that’s just off Parnell Street by the way, into a park! A Pop-Up Park!

I went along last Sunday to check it out and I was blown away by what has been achieved through not only the planning and organising but the hard grafting that must have been put in to achieve what can be seen today. What’s even more lovely is that the work was volunteered and paid for with donations. The project has a long-term purpose, past it’s young lifetime of a month. The research, information gathered and evaluation of Granby Park will benefit those in the academic fields of ‘design, planning, art, play, happiness, music, drama, spoken word, landscaping, performance, project management, community, culture, city management and city identity.’ ( There will also be a ‘toolkit’ built from the findings that will be available to those from other cities and countries who wish to create their own ‘inner city’ Pop-Up Park. The benefits of having this toolkit will mean that obstacles faced by UpStart maybe avoided or prepared for.

Not only is Granby Park a Pop-Up Park with creatively designed flower pots, meeting spots, children’s playground, a restaurant and amphitheatre … Not only has it been and will it continue to be, for it’s short life a place for poetry readings, visual arts, workshops and home to ‘Happenings’ … It is an oasis. If you live in Dublin, get yourself into town to check it out. If you plan on visiting Dublin before September 22nd make sure Granby Park is on your ‘To Do List’. For more information on UpStart click here. For more information on Granby Park click here and for more information on Happenings click here.

Granby Park 1

Granby Park 2

Granby Park 3

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