What’s On: Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland

Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland

November and the leaves have fallen, but some still fall. The smell of turf fires fill the air, and arguments about the immersion are in full swing. The sweet treat bites from All Hallows’ Eve, that once over spilled kitchen cupboards are merely ghosts – no traces left. And for those who are eager, shopping for all things yuletide are high on the agenda. November 2018 is here and with it brings more festivals and events throughout the Island of Ireland and following this gorgeous poem by Patrick Kavanagh of Monaghan, the home county of my late father comes the beautiful rendition from another great, Luke Kelly – you’ll find my top picks for you to enjoy this wintery month.

On Raglan Road - by Patrick Kavanagh - The Life of Stuff.com

Raglan Road by Luke Kelly. The poem was put to music when the Patrick approached Luke Kelly after he’d finished playing a set in a pub in Dublin called The Bailey. The poem was set to the music of the traditional song “The Dawning of the Day” (Fáinne Geal an Lae) – the year was 1966, standing the test of time it is easily one Ireland’s most loved songs, and a reminder for many of Ireland when they are away from this green isle.

My Top Festival Picks in Leinster this November 2018

What’s On - Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland - Kilkenomics

Festival: Kilkenomics

Where: Various Venues in Kilkenny

When: November 8th – November 11th

Website: kilkenomics.com

‘… Kilkenomics – the world’s first economics festival – which brings together some of the world’s leading economists, financial analysts and media commentators with some of our funniest, sharpest standup comedians. We’ve been called “Davos with jokes” and we wouldn’t disagree with that assessment.

What started as a way to make sense of the 2008 economic crash has turned into the Kilkenomics festival as we know it today. The aim of Kilkenomics has always been to take economics out of the conference room and academia and make it accessible to ordinary people’s lives.’ kilkenomics.com

What’s On - Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland - Dublin Book Festival

Festival: Dublin Book Festival

Where: Various Venues around Dublin

When: November 15th – November 18th

Website: dublinbookfestival.com

‘The Dublin Book Festival is one of Ireland’s most successful and vibrant book festivals, running since June 2006. The annual public festival showcases, supports and develops Irish publishing by programming, publicising and selling Irish published books, their authors, editors and contributors – all in an entertaining, festive, friendly and accessible environment that reflects the creativity and personality of the Irish publishing sector and its authors’. dublinbookfestival.com

What’s On - Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland - Dun Laoghaire Vinyl Festival

Festival: Dún Laoghaire Vinyl Festival

Where: dlr LexIcon | The National Maritime Museum | Eblana Senior College

When: November 16th – November 18th

Website: vinylfestival.ie

‘An idea borne out of conversations in a record shop, where else? A common memory of the importance of vinyl in our youth and a belief that it had become relevant again. The look of the cover, the feel of the sleeve, the smell of the record and the purity of the sound.. it was a format worthy of a revival! The Dún Laoghaire Vinyl Festival will bring together international musicians, writers and filmmakers discussing and playing vinyl records and considering their importance in our culture today.’ vinylfestival.ie

What’s On - Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland - Dublin Games Festival

Festival: Dublin Games Festival

Where: RDS Main Hall, Dublin

When: November 24th

Website: dublingamesfestival.ie

‘Dublin Games Festival (DGF) has been created to bring together an event never seen before in Ireland. Our customer’s experience is our highest priority for our guests and we guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.

As part of the wider gaming community ourselves and with our wide experience in events (8-Bit Conference, Dublin Games Summit, G-Series etc), expos (Total Expo), AV (GFD.ie) and gaming as a whole we know what it means to be a gamer. Fun and entertaining experiences, engaging content, unique activities, games, games and more games are all the focus points of the festival.’ dublingamesfestival.ie

My Top Festival Picks in Munster this November 2018

What’s On - Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland - Cork Film Festival

Festival: Cork Film Festival

Where: Various Venues in Cork City

When: November 9th – November 18th

Website: corkfilmfest.org

‘The Cork Film Festival is Ireland’s largest and first film festival and one of Cork’s most significant and popular annual cultural events. Cork Film Festival is a local, national and international celebration of cinema, running annually for ten days in November in Cork. Award-winning films from the international film festival circuit, new discoveries and cinema classics are selected by our experienced curatorial team, to be premiered on the big screen in Cork.

The Festival showcases the latest and best international and Irish features, documentaries and shorts, and includes programmes for schools, families, a focus on mental health, and specialist Industry Days.’ corkfilmfest.org

What’s On - Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland - Sneem International Storytelling & Folklore Festival

Festival: Sneem International Storytelling & Folklore Festival

Where: Various Venues in Sneem, Co. Kerry

When: November 9th – November 11th

Website: sneemstorytellingfestival.com

‘The colourful, charming, prizewinning village of Sneem plays host to storytellers, singers, lecturers and musicians both from Ireland and abroad in November annually. There are performances for adults and children, lectures on folklore, storytelling workshops, our Young Tellers, stories in the barn, The South Kerry Rosen Choir’s concert, storytelling evening, and a play. An active committee, headed by Sneem’s international seanchai, Batt Burns, would love to have you join us for a weekend of the best of Irish traditional entertainment.’ sneemstorytellingfestival.com

What’s On - Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland - Cork Chocolate & Baking Weekend

Event: Cork Chocolate & Baking Weekend

Where: Cork International Hotel

When: November 23rd – November 25th

Website: corkchocolateweekend.com

Not a festival but definitely a weekend for chocolate lovers, baking enthusiasts and novices alike. It all sounds delicious!

‘This event at the Cork International Hotel showcases chocolatiers, bakers, chocolate workshops, chocolate of all shapes and sizes. It’s also a must see event for people who love baking – especially themed for Christmas baking. We are delighted that this year, we will have renowned British Chocolatier, Mr. Paul A. Young alongside Mr. Paul Kelly, Executive Pastry Chef from The Merrion Hotel and Judge on The Great Irish Bake Off.’ corkchocolateweekend.com

My Top Festival Picks in Connacht this November 2018

What’s On - Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland - Tulca

Festival: TULCA Festival of Visual Arts

Where: Various Venues in Galway

When: November 2nd – November 18th

Website: tulcafestival.com

‘TULCA is a multi-venue, artist-centered festival of contemporary art that works with Irish curators to present innovative exhibitions that provoke and energise audiences into the world of the Visual Arts.

TULCA Festival champions Galway city and county as central to the contemporary visual arts community and as a hub for artists, audiences and culture. We promote the development and exhibition of the contemporary visual arts culture through a national and international network of artists, audiences, curators and art critics.’ tulcafestival.com

What’s On - Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland - Galway Science & Technology Festival

Festival: Galway Science & Technology Festival

Where: Various Venues in Galway

When: November 11th – November 25th

Website: galwayscience.ie

Galway Science & Technology Festival, ‘Ireland’s Premier Festival for the promotion of STEM’ takes place during Ireland’s National Science Week. Running from Monday November 12th to Sunday November 25th, the festival includes a number of exhibitions, talks, activities and workshops for all ages  – culminating with STEM Exhibition at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

My Top Festival Picks in Ulster incl. Northern Ireland this November 2018

What’s On - Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland - Allingham Festival

Festival: Allingham Arts Festival

Where: Various Venues in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal

When: November 7th – November 11th

Website: allinghamfestival.com

‘The Allingham Arts Festival is a community arts festival which takes place in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, each November, in honour of the poet William Allingham.

This year’s events include a tribute to poet Francis Harvey, the Donegal Youth Orchestra, ‘Black 47’ + Q&A, a WWI Remembrance Day performance, Wild Atlantic Writers with Jessica Traynor, a social media workshop for writers with Paul McVeigh, and much more.’ allinghamfestival.com

What’s On - Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland - Sound of Belfast

Festival: Sound of Belfast

Where: Various Venues in Belfast

When: November 8th – November 15th

Website: soundofbelfast.com

‘Celebrating five years of Sound of Belfast with a programme of events coordinated by Oh Yeah and aimed at celebrating and promoting a great music city. There will be a huge line up live gigs, music industry awards and learning and community throughout the festival.’ soundofbelfast.com

Some of the highlights include: The Oh Yeah! Legend Award – Jackie Flavelle ‘A jam for Jackie’, Derek Ryan, The Belfast Music Bus Tour, Music Cities Afternoon – Conversations, panels and discussions and The Northern Ireland Music Prize 2018.


What’s On - Festivals this November 2018 on the Island of Ireland - The Life of Stuff


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