What’s On this December 2015 in Dublin

Things to do this December 2015 in Dublin

December – let’s get brainstorming … what words spring to mind? Here are fifty words that sprung to Patrick and my mind when we had a little game of word association a little earlier this evening:

Winter Cold Fireside Christmas Tree Jingle Bells Candy Canes Roses Mulled Wine Nights Out Spiced Beef Turkey Cranberry Sauce Sandwich Family Presents Christmas Wrapping Paper Christmas Cards Carols 'Best of' CD's Wine Whiskey Advocate Eggnog Pudding Couch Blankets Crap TV Christmas Movie Cartoon The Snowman Stars Frost Freezing Ice-Skating Fun Hot Chocolate Hot Whiskey Story Telling Friends Board Games Late Nights Early Mornings Irish Fries Smoked Salmon Homemade Brown Bread Stuffing Teddy Bears Fluffy Socks Warm Slippers Dressing Gown

For those who like to spend their time doing more interesting things than playing word association over a glass of red wine and a blog post (following on from my What’s On posts for September, October and November), here are my top picks of things to do this December 2015 in Dublin …

What’s On this December 2015 in Dublin

Snake Eaters by Stewart Roche

Location: The New Theatre, 43 East Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Date: Nov 30th to Dec 19th (Opens Dec 2. Previews Nov 30 & Dec 1)

Tickets: €16 (€12.50 conc.)

Visit: thenewtheatre.com

I’m a big fan of both Patrick O’Donnell and Stewart Roche and like to keep my eye on what they are staring in or have written. Patrick, I’ve been promised is the best he has ever been, so this is definitely one to watch …

A visceral new play by Stewart Roche about atonement, love, loss and the scars you cannot see.

“Hillis, (Patrick O’Donnell) a US Marine, returns to Nebraska from a disastrous tour of Afghanistan that has left most of his platoon dead. He struggles to settle back into normal life in a town he barely recognizes, his psychological wounds preventing him from communicating with his father (Pat Nolan) and old friends.
However a chance meeting with the spirited Ashley (Lesley Conroy) starts him on a slow road to recovery. But as Ashley has dangerous baggage all of her own, it is only a matter of time before Hillis is forced to confront his past and all the demons that lurk there.
Snake Eaters is a powerful, honest, haunting play which serves as a stark reminder of the lasting impact of war.

“We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” – George Orwell

Directed by Caroline Fitzgerald. Produced by Anthony Fox”

What's On this December 2015 in Dublin

Syrian Appeal Gala Concert

Doctors without Borders / MSF Medecins Sans Frontieres Ireland

Location: Christchurch Cathedral

Date: Dec 3rd

Tickets: €25 from Ticketmasters.ie

Visit: msf.ie and syrianappeal.com

Syrian Appeal are raising much needed funds for MSF – Doctors without borders through their Benefit Gala Concert in Christchurch on December 3rd. Syrian Appeal “are just small group off passionate people doing this outside our normal jobs”. I praise them.


What’s On this December 2015 in Dublin

The Bow Street Sessions

Location: The Old Jameson Distillery

Date: Dec 3rd

Tickets: Free but you need to register at hotpress.com/bowstreetsessions

Visit: facebook.com/jamesonwhiskey

“Bow St. Sessions, presented by Jameson and supported by Hot Press, is a unique series of live performances,celebrang unexpected and original collaboraons within Irish music. Some of the country’s biggest names willjoin forces to deliver one-o% performances in the iconic surroundings of the Old Jameson Disllery inSmith(eld. The much ancipated second event in the series takes place on Thursday, December 3rd, with HamsandwicHand R.S.A.G taking to the stage.”


Location: Irish Film Institute, Eustace Street, Dublin 2

Date: Dec 3rd to Dec 6th

Tickets: €9

Visit: ifi.ie/kinopolis

Kinopolis is a four-day long festival, that aims to bring the best of Polish cinema to Dublin. Hosted by the Irish Film Institute, 2015 sees it celebrate its 10th Edition, meaning it’s 10 years old! Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for day-to-day updates.

What's On this December 2015 in Dublin

Arts, Flea & Vintage Market
presented by BLOCK T & Market Hub

Location: Block B Smithfield Sq. Dublin 7.

Date: Dec 4th, 5th & 6th

Tickets: Free

Visit: www.blockt.ie

“Due to popular demand of the local community and stakeholders of Smithfield, BLOCK T and its new partner, Market Hub, are organising an arts, flea and vintage market this Christmas, celebrating the best of local Artists, Makers and Producers. In the previous four years of running Christmas Markets, BLOCK T and its partners have seen a combined footfall of over 50,000 visitors to the Smithfield area and have facilitated over 400 artists and makers to sell their work and produce.

We continue to celebrate local homemade talent, while providing the public with an alternative platform to the high street or large multinational companies. Local businesses in the Smithfield area also greatly benefit from the increased footfall over this particular weekend.

CHRISTMAS BAZAAR will be one of Dublin’s biggest indoor Christmas markets, with over 120 stall holders, pop up cafe, artisan food and festive cheer!”

What's On this December 2015 in Dublin

Wicked Wit: Darly’s Comic Prints

Location: Chester Beaty Library, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

Date: Sep 11th 2015 to Feb 14th 2016

Tickets: Free

Visit: cbl.ie/exhibitions

“Drawing on the Library’s own collections, this exhibition features over 100 hand-coloured, eighteenth-century etchings by the husband and wife team, Mary and Matthew Darly. From the time of their marriage, they worked in tandem designing, engraving and publishing prints using the signature, MD or MDarly.

This printer-publisher team produced well over 500 comic images of Caricatures, Macaronies, and Characters from no. 39 Strand (London) between 1770 and 1780. At the height of their fame, carriages lined the streets so their occupants could titter at the images on display in Darly’s Comic Exhibitions, held every spring from 1773 to 1778.

By the end of the decade, they had become so popular that their publications were available throughout Great Britain and Ireland, Europe and even America. The name Darly became synonymous with the humorous images they produced.”

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