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Jam Art Factory – Independent Irish Based Art and Design Shop

Jam Art Factory - Irish Design

You probably know by now, from reading The Life of Stuff, that I have a crush on Jam Art Factory. Based at two locations in Dublin, 14 Crown Alley, Temple Bar and 64/65 Patrick Street, Dublin 8 with a steady online presence, Jam Art Factory is a treasure chest full of Art and Design from Irish based Artists and Designers.

Jam Art Factory

I came across Jam Art Factory a few years back and since starting the blog a little over a year ago, I’ve featured their ‘stuff’ in numerous posts about gift ideas, whether it be for the love of Owls, Mothers, St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas for HIM / HER. It had been my intention to feature Jam Art Factory in its own post so a little while ago I arranged to pop by the Temple Bar shop to have a chat with the masterminds behind it all, brothers Mark and John. When there I took photo’s of the shop and asked the guys a few questions to give you an idea of who they are, what they’re all about and where they see themselves going. 

Jam Art Factory Dublin

An Interview with Jam Art Factory

  • How long has Jam Art Factory been around?

Jam Art Factory, Patrick Street was opened in May 2011 primarily as a Contemporary Art Gallery but ended up morphing into a shop for Art and Design, all made or designed by people living in Ireland. We added the second shop in Crown Alley, Temple Bar during the summer in 2013.

  • Where did the inspiration to start Jam Art Factory come from?

The inspiration came from my (Mark) background in Art and Design. I studied various Design Courses and I’ve always had a keen interest in Art. Up until we opened the shop I was doing my own work with a few exhibitions around Dublin and London. We wanted to showcase the work of up and coming Artists and Designers living in Ireland. Over the past few years we’ve had a lot of work from Graduates of different Art Colleges throughout Ireland. We have a lot of extremely talented creative people in this country.

  • What is it like to run a business as brothers? 

Running the shop as brothers is quite good. I focus more on the creative side and John focuses more on the business part. It’s a good mix as it works well for the shop to have two people to deal with two totally different aspects of the business.

Jam Art Factory - Design

  • How do you source your stock/the Designers?

We source different Designers from Markets, Craft Fairs, word of mouth, end of year College Shows and a lot of them would come directly to you, sometimes its hard to find a space for each one as our two shops are quite small. We have to be very selective with the pieces we get in.

  • Who’s a ‘one to watch’?

One to watch… To be honest it’s hard to pick just one, we’ve so many talented Designers and Artists. However I love the work of Shane O’Connor. He designs limited edition digital illustrations of Irish (but mainly Dublin) streets. He mixes bright colours with geometric shapes and simple black lines to make really striking pieces. A lot of work goes into each piece and his work is very affordable, starting at €25 for an a4 limited edition print to a huge framed piece for €300. You can view his work here –

Jam Art Factory - Sketchy Inc

  • Where’s the most exotic place you’ve delivered to?

We’ve sold work to all over the world. Which shows that Irish Art and Design is very sought after. We’ve sent pieces off to Brazil, Russia, United States and just today we got an order from Australia.

  • If you can see Jam Art Factory opening a third shop where would it be?

If we were to open a third shop I don’t think it would be in Dublin as it’s quite small and we’d like to keep the brand unique. I was just in Berlin after Christmas for a few days and they seem to have Design Shops similar to us on every corner. Would love to do something there or maybe somewhere in Italy. However I might have to change around the stock a bit as I don’t think they’d quite understand the “feck it sure it’s grand” stuff.

Jam Art Factory - Feck it sure it's grand

  • How do you explain the phrase ‘Zip Up Yer Mickey’ to tourists who shop at Jam Art Factory?
Explaining the “Zip up yer Mickey” print to tourists is usually a difficult one. If their first language is English it’s not too bad as I can explain to them about Twink (I usually get a response of “what’s a twink?”) and her voicemail…. However, if their first language isn’t English sometimes I have to do a few awkward gestures and point towards certain areas of the body. It’s like some sort of interpretive dance.
Jam Art Factory - Zip Up Yer Mickey
For more information on Jam Art Factory you can visit them at their shops, addresses above, Opening Hours: Monday – closed, Tuesday-Saturday – 10-6PM and Sunday – 12-5PM. Their website is and you can shop online by Artist from there, Internationally too.

Competition Time

Jam Art Factory - Pat Byrne

Both Mark and John have been very kind and offered one lucky The Life of Stuff reader the opportunity to own a Fabulously Unique Forgotten Pages Print by Pat Byrne. Printer by trade for the past 30 years, Pat Byrne, Illustrator and Designer is originally from Dublin but now lives in Wicklow.

His work consists of mixing old with new. He prints his designs onto book pages from books that are usually over 100 years old. He usually prints on books from the Mediterranean as he has noticed that the colour of the page is often a lot darker or has a more aged feel to it. (Mark – Jam Art Factory)

As the paper comes from an antique book, the paper could have the patina of a very lovely warm golden, aged look. Also, as old books margins, positioning etc. might not be as aligned and straight as we are now accustomed to.
Since I use pages from very old books, the paper might have some blemishes and imperfections, these slight defects add to the charm of the print.. “

No two Forgotten Pages prints will ever be the same, the actual page you will receive may be different than that shown in the listing, but it will come from the same book. (

To check out your prize online, you can visit the Jam Art Factory website here for a full listing of Pat Byrne Forgotten Pages Prints. For now here are a handful of my favourites (click to view) …

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  • Where can you find Jam Art Factory apart from online?

1) Francis Street and Georges Street, Dublin
2) Temple Bar and Patrick Street, Dublin
3) Capel Street and O’Connell Street, Dublin

Best of Luck – The closing date for entries is Sunday February 9th and the winners will be notified by email by Monday February 10th. This could be the perfect opportunity to win a gorgeous prize for … your loved one for Valentine’s Day … or just for yourself!


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    Thank you for the fab tip! Will check them out next time I’m in Dublin 🙂

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