youbloom Dublin 2013


To host over 50 international acts and 50 Irish acts in

5 different venues from 28 – 30 June 2013

youbloom Dublin 2013

Camden Crawl Dublin in May and now youbloom Dublin in June … if Dublin isn’t the city for craic agus ceol then slap my thigh and call me Charlie! 50 International and 50 Irish musicians/artists all in one weekend … in five of the best live venues the city has to offer and with tickets starting at €15 … sure you couldn’t be stuck of a weekend! And if that’s not all there are a number of very wise Music Industry experts lined up and lead by Dave Robinson of Stiff and Island Records who will be available for a special conference programme that will span the 28th and 29th, most of these are first come first served so get in …okay breathe …

Bob Geldof is a shareholder, it’s supported by Dublin City BID (Business Improvement District) and Oxfam, tickets can be bought through … for even more information you can visit the youbloom website by clicking here where you’ll find everything you need to know about this special weekend. Important stuff like who the musicians you’ll be expecting to witness are, their music and videos plus information on the venues and even info on accommodation. I’ve spotted some great Irish bands who I’ve been following and have witnessed and some who I haven’t had the chance to yet. Now sit back and relax and watch this short video … Enjoy!

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  1. I am coming to Dublin for the yobloom@Dublin conference and festival in late June. I can’t wait to see the country of my ancestry, share in the education from the conference, and see some amazing unsigned artists perform. Oh yes, and to have a real Guiness with my friends! Cheers!!!

  2. Ah Mike you’re going to have such a great time! Dublin will be hopping and I’m sure you’ll bump into a Murphy or two! Bet you’re counting the days 🙂