Interior Design Trends for 2015

Interior Design Trends 2015

A lot of people like to be on trend, and they apply this even in their home styles and décor. With the changing seasons, trends in designs come and go and there is always something ‘in’ at the moment. Keeping a home in-line with what’s hot and what’s new can make your place always look cool and trendy. It might get expensive if you are to change every time the trends change, but integrating the ones that can work best for your home will ensure that you won’t have to alter your décor theme to often. Here are some interior design trends of 2015 that might look great in your home.

The Colour

Interior Design Trends for 2015

image source: keresi72 on Pixabay

Colours are key factors in making a home look cheerful, elegant, and luxurious. When you know how to mix and match your décor with the layout of your home, the effect will be stunning. Integrate the pantone colour of Marsala in throw pillows and other accessories like curtains. If you have a need for change of sofa, then this colour will look great against a grey background or other neutrals, it even works great with pastels. A couch sofa in the Marsala colour can be found at Mohd, where you can shop online for design furniture of the best quality.

The Kitchen 

Kitchens should always be functional and convenient and should work for the people who live in the home. The new trend for the kitchen is brass. You can incorporate this feature by changing taps, sinks and even lighting fixtures. Whether you want a complete remodel or just a change of scene, then this is a good idea to make a statement in your kitchen. It gives a feeling of warmth and a look of sophistication.

Interior Design Trends for 2015

image source: Boa-Franc on Flickr

The Bathroom

If you are tired of how your bathroom looks, you can change some of the features to freshen it up. Composite materials are a better option over acrylic as they give a matte surface and a relaxing ambience which can work for contemporary designs. White faucets are in as well and they give a crisp and clean look. While this might not be ideal for every bathroom layout, the white fixtures will give an effect of airiness and lightness.

The Patterns 

Interior Design Trends for 2015

image source: JayMantri on Pixabay

If you want to make an otherwise plain background stand out, mix your patterns. The chevron is so in right now and you can incorporate them through accessories. Use them simply but always consider elegance so as not to overdo it. You can also cover one wall in chevron patterns just to make a statement while leaving the other walls in neutral or solid colours.

Mirrored Furniture

If you want to make the space look wider, making use of mirrored furniture is a good way to go. You can do this in the bedroom, in the living room, or even in the dining room. They reflect light and patterns, making an area look brighter and more spacious. Get ones made with golden frames or brass.


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