Music and Film Fix – Avicii’s ‘Feeling Good’ Collaboration

Avicii – Feeling Good with Volvo Cars

Music and Film Fix - Avicii's Feeling Good

Not to be mixed up with Flo Rida’s ‘Good Feeling’ for which Avicii also had creative input in. ‘Feeling Good‘ is very different to anything Avicci has ever produced an arrangement for. He hints in the film that it wasn’t an easy feat as he has so much regard for the song.

I think ‘Feeling Good’ is one of the best songs ever written… It’s a privilege to play around with such a timeless piece of music.” Avicci

Music and Film Fix - Avicii's 'Feeling Good' Collaboration

With the underlying theme of a ‘New Beginning’ and the idea that ‘Sometimes you have to go back to where it all began to go further than you have ever been before.’ … this is one beautifully filmed piece of work. Add to the filmography the soundtrack of Avicci’s ‘Feeling Good’ and you can understand why this Swede Superstar is so proud of this collaboration with Volvo Cars … With both collaborators being #MadeBySweden the whole experience encourages an enormous sense of pride – something that is evident in the film as the camera sweeps over the beautifully picturesque Swedish countryside and scenery. However the film isn’t all about gorgeous scenery, the fabulous ‘All New Volvo XC90’ and ‘James Bond’ like filmography, there is also a down-to-earth feeling portrayed with Avicii spending time in the film with family and close friends and going ‘back to where it all began’ …

… And so behold the official film for Avicii’s ‘Feeling Good’. A creative collaboration between Avicii and Volvo Cars … Arrangement produced by Avicii and vocals by Audra Mae … Turn up the volume, make the film full screen and enjoy …

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