My Bram Stoker Festival 2012 in Photo’s

Bram Stoker Festival 2012, October 26th -28th, 2012


I had an action packed Bram Stoker filled day today. As mentioned in my earlier blog post about the Bram Stoker Festival, I planned on attending Marsh’s Library for the Performance Corporation‘s performance of The Judge’s House, The Little Museum of Dublin for the Life of Bram Stoker Exhibition and the Imagining Bram Stoker Spraoi Spectacular performed by the award winning street theatre company Spraoi in the Dublin Castle courtyard, I also mentioned on Facebook that there is a Haunted Planet app available called Bram Stoker’s Vampires, which was commissioned by the Science Gallery and which I planned on downloading. Well my plans planned out well, and I had a very happy, fun, informative and delightfully spooky experience at all three events. I also downloaded the app and amused myself catching vampires and taking their photo’s … sure why wouldn’t you? … I even met the creator of the app at Dublin Castle  (pictured below)… but I didn’t get his name … oops, I think a ghoul stole my brain! All the events and the app I have mentioned were free, apart from The Little Museum of Dublin, but even then you could book discounted tickets online, which brought the ticket price to €2.50! A great big bualadh bos (applause) is well deserved to everyone involved and I’m looking forward to next years festival … Here is my experience in photo’s …

Marsh’s Library

The Little Museum of Dublin

 Dublin Castle

Don’t Forget ↓

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