Pure Vintage Fair, Dublin Co-op, Newmarket, Dublin

Pure Vintage Fair


Pure Vintage Fair

Last weekend was a very chilled one for me. I didn’t part-take in the education of Open House as I did last year and which you can read about here. I didn’t get tankard-ed up at the Octoberfest on the Dublin Docklands … again as I did last year and which you can read about here. Instead I went straight home after work on Friday where I wrecked Patricks head by nattering on the phone to my sister for well over an hour and a half, while sitting in the sitting room while he tried to watch something on Netflix. I’m mean. I should’ve moved to a different room but the couch was so comfy. After my ear became unbearably hot, I ended the phone-call, we ordered some ‘dirty’ take-away food, watched a film and went to bed. On Saturday morning I was bushy-tailed and became bright eyed after my morning coffee. I met my Mum-in-Law for lunch and a catch up early afternoon, made Banoffee Pie late afternoon, blogged a bit in the evening and watched a film in the night. Sunday was also pretty chilled out. Patrick and I started our day at the Pure Vintage Fair at the Dublin Co-op in Newmarket Square, Dublin 8 and then headed into town for a ramble. Later we dropped his brother and girlfriend out to the airport for their weeklong fun in the sun, returning home to walk our dog Charlie and watch yes … another film. Chilled. Nice. Relaxed. I’ll most likely make up for this quiet weekend next weekend. Sure isn’t it always the way with us Irish.

Pure Vintage Fair 1

Anyhoo less of my blathering on and more about the Pure Vintage Fair at the Dublin Co-op in Dublin 8. The Pure Vintage and Craft Fair takes place at the Dublin Co-op on the first Sunday of every month. I have it mentioned here in my Five Fabulous Reasons to Shop in Dublin. It’s easy to get to from the city centre, you can walk it in about 10 mins or if you drive, there’s free parking. There are lots of buses that go up Cork Street too, which is the main road that’ll bring you there. So there really is no excuse.

Pure Vintage Fair 2

The market starts at about 11am and finishes up at about 5.30pm. We got there at about 11.30am and there were a nice few shoppers, networkers, minglers and observers about. When I visit a market I like to visit each stall. I know this isn’t everyones cup of tea but I like doing it. Sometimes I stop to chat with the stall owner, depending on their mood and mine. On Sunday there were lots of smiles, hello’s and thank-you’s as we bought a few bits and bobs from the different designers and sellers.

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Pure Vintage Fair 4

Pure Vintage Fair 5

Pure Vintage Fair 6

Half way round the market it was time to stop off and load the fuel so we ordered two sandwiches, which we had toasted. I had the Gubbeen Sandwich which consisted of Gubbeen cheese, roasted courgette and caramelised onion on rye … it was delicious! Patrick had the Caprese which consisted of buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, rocket and pesto on focaccia … it was yummy but mine was nicer. The Gubbeen did it for me. I also ordered a double-shot coffee and we sat outside to eat in the little yard behind the market. If sandwiches aren’t your thing, there are other options to choose from. If you fancy something a little different, when we were there, there were stalls selling fresh authentic Venezuelan and Bangladeshi dishes. We tasted from both stalls and yum is the word. To round up and top off our delightful lunch and tasters we bought and shared a Rockyroad slice … bold but so good, from a wonderfully presented cake stall.

Pure Vintage Fair 7

Pure Vintage Fair 9

Fueled up on goodies we continued around the market, stopping to talk the hind legs off Michelle who was there selling generous donations received from supporters of the Animal Foundation in Kildare. I enjoyed that chat. We had a nosey around the final stalls. I dragged myself away from some lovely vintage pieces that will one day be mine but just not that day.

Pure Vintage Fair 8

I enjoy this market. There are lots of Vintage finds, handmade pieces, crafty things, new kitch items and plenty of nibbles. Prices vary but are reasonable. Vintage items are in good nick. Handmade items are mostly one-of-a-kinds. Food is tasty. People are friendly and as it’s all indoors it doesn’t matter if it’s a rainy day or not, no cloud is going to shadow you. Some of the highlights for me apart from the food and the Animal Foundation stall were; Salty Philip – brilliant prints – I want them all! a little idea – who also stars in the latest U magazine! Furry Slug Sculpture – loved the pregnant lady piece, Treasure Me Ireland – great vintage items, A Jewell – fab handmade and bespoke jewellery, I Of The Needle – gorgeous craft trimmings, 3 D Bed Linen – fun bed linen, Retro Bandit Clock Collection – fun clocks, Brenda Kelly – Antiques, Pat & Gaye Quigley – collectables and Vintage Vertigo – whom I’ve mentioned before in my Cat’s Miau! post.

For more information on the Pure Vintage Fair, you can visit their Facebook Page here or just get yourself to Co-op the first Sunday of every month.

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