Real Girl Power, All-Female Team SCA in The Volvo Ocean Race

All-Female Team SCA in The Volvo Ocean Race

Real Girl Power - All-Female Team SCA in The Volvo Ocean Race

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want – it’s more of this REAL GIRL POWER! That’s what it is!

Now, leave the pop music aside because it’s time to hear about some serious Team SCA

Let me set the scene:

  1. The Volvo Ocean Race is one of the TOUGHEST sporting challenges known to MAN.
  2. The race takes in 11 ports worldwide and 38,739 nautical miles.
  3. SCA* (Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget) decides to participate with an All-female Crew, Team SCA
  4. It will be the first All-Female crew in 10 years.
  5. 250 female athletes from around the world apply to be part of Team SCA.
  6. The final squad of 14 elite female athletes from Great Britain, USA, Switzerland, Australia and The Netherlands are chosen.
  7. A crew of 11 plus an on-board reporter are selected to sail the Team SCA boat through the nine-leg race.
  8. This crew will visit 11 cities across five oceans.
  9. It will take them nine months!

Real Girl Power - All-Female Team SCA in The Volvo Ocean Race

Now here’s the juicy bit!

Although this All-Female Team SCA is facing competitors that have the combined experience of 79 Volvo Ocean Races – They have so far held, and will again hold pole position! Way to go women! Team work, dedication and passion is shining through and Team SCA’s goal of becoming the most successful female team in the history of the race is on the horizon!

Now if this video doesn’t give you goosebumps …


I’ll be keeping up with the progress of Team SCA and will let you know how they are getting on over the coming months but if you fancy connecting with them yourself – here are all the details you need #weareteamsca | | |

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