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Science Gallery, The Naughton Institute, Pearse Street, Trinity College, Dublin 2

Science Gallery

It may have ‘science’ in the title, but each exhibition at the gallery proves it to be the most creative, innovative and artistic venue in Ireland.” – Shane Hegarty, Irish Times, April 2011

I’m a subscriber to the Science Gallery. I don’t always get to visit the exhibitions on show but last week Patrick and I took a trip over to the Grow Your Own exhibition after I read about it in one of the newsletters. It sounded interesting. It was interesting.

Science Gallery 1

The exhibition which began back in October, on the 25th to be precise will be presented to the public, for FREE until January 19th, 2014 and the purpose of it all is to give inspiration and imagination in to the possible implications of ground-breaking synthetic life developments.

GROW YOUR OWN… gives you the opportunity to help shape future discussions around synthetic biology – an emerging approach to genetic engineering, bringing together engineers, scientists, designers, artists and biohackers to design ‘living machines’.

Science Galler 2

The exhibition is broken into three main categories; Grow Your Own Life, Grow Your Own Society and Grow Your Own Machine and the best way to give you a taste of what to expect once you step inside the Gallery is the video below and my photo’s below it. When we were there there were a number of representatives available to ask questions to, so no doubt they will be there for your questions too. The only issue I had was that a couple of the interactive installations didn’t work but I was advised that when the BioLab is open, these get fixed and I suppose with the simple volume of people that come and go, it is to be expected. Maybe the best advise is to try get to the Exhibition earlier rather than later in the week, if you can’t don’t worry, it’s great either way!

Science Gallery 3

My favourite parts of the exhibitions were;

Grow Your Own Life

Selfmade – cheese made from human skin samples! Yes you read right.

New Mumbai – a fictional film based on mushrooms that provide energy for heat and light. Magic Mushrooms of the third kind!

I Wanna Deliver a Dolphin – WTF, exactly!

Grow Your Own Society

Stranger Visions – scuplured faces based on DNA retrieved from what strangers leave behind. You’ll think twice about dropping that cigarette butt.

Designing for the Sixth Extinction – an installation exploring ‘rewilding’ where nature and synthetic biology takes control. Just imagine that!

Grow Your Own Machine

Xylinium Cones – organically grown cones by means of bacterial cellulose. Great looking installation.

Circumventive Organs – Wow! Creating new organs that could save lives – Wow!

Faber Futures: The Rhizosphere Pigment Lab – the design lover in me loved his, bacteria yielding colours!

If you are planning on visiting the exhibition, then keep up to date on the different workshops that are available. A full list of these can be found on the Science Gallery website here The Science Gallery can be a family affair and a total recommendation if there’s a future little scientist or indeed artist in your home. 

Science Gallery - Grow your Own 

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