Super Bowl Adverts 2013 – My Top 3

My Top Three Superbowl Adverts 2013


Super Bowl 2013

Ok so last night I didn’t stay up to watch the Super Bowl but I did stay up and watch a ridiculous amount of adverts, back to back … why? I hear you ask … well in the US Super Bowl ‘commercials’ are a BIG deal and are watched by millions of people both during and after the Super Bowl worldwide so companies do their best to create the best advert they can to engage their existing customers and to attract new ones. Companies hire the best creative heads they can to artistically deliver an advert that is as short as 30 seconds to grab your attention. I love seeing what can be thought up, acted on, designed and delivered. I love the thought of brainstorming advertisers and designers working into the night to perfect THE perfect advert.

So enough of my waffle .. Here are my TOP 3 Super Bowl Adverts for 2013

No. 1 – Doritos – Goat for Sale


No. 2 – Budweiser – The Clydesdales: Brotherhood


No. 3 – Doritos – Fetch



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