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The Life of Stuff - is back

To say that the last few weeks have been eventful for my fine gentleman and now hubby, Patrick and I, is a little bit of an understatement, because after all we did get married and go on honeymoon. Looking out your window now here in Ireland, the good weather of a few weeks ago may be a distant memory, however it did happen and the sun did shine. It shone with delight on our Big Day. We could not have asked for better weather. We could not have asked for a better day – it was truly magical and we’re absolutely chuffed with the feedback we are still receiving. Having your Wedding Day described as the ‘Best Wedding I’ve been to and I’ve been to a few’ is the best feeling ever! It’s the best one I’ve been to too … wink wink. As I have a Wedding Journal category here on the blog, there is no doubt that I will be adding to it over the coming weeks and months. I’ll also be adding a post with my advice for your Big Day – going on our experience. So if you’re tying the knot in the next year or so keep an eye out for my posts or drop me a line if you’d like a fresh opinion!

Onto the honeymoon and again we could not have wished for a better time. We flew to Bordeaux, hired a car and took a tour from this and the Saint-Emilion region, down to the French Riviera and flew out of Nice. Ten cities in two weeks. Seems like a lot but it was perfect. The longest drive to our next destination was four hours, the shortest was 30 minutes. The weather was glorious. The food and drink, divine. The people were lovely. The hotels and chateaux we stayed in, amazing. The beaches and pools, refreshing. I’m sure some of the places we stayed in and visited will be included over time in the the Travel and Places Category of the blog. I’m certain I won’t be able to hold in my thoughts on the food we enjoyed day after day. These thoughts will be found in the Food & Drink category as I know I won’t able to hold my tongue on the many meals we licked our lips over, from local cuisine to the many Michelin Starred dishes we had the pleasure of experiencing in one particular chateau/hotel we stayed for a weekend at, lets just say that you should try eat a light lunch when there are ten courses on the menu!!! Patrick will no doubt mention some of the wines we drank as per usual his posts will be presented in the form of his Bevvy of the Week each Wednesday and can be found in the Food & Drink category too.

To say that I am sad that the excitement of our Wedding and the adventure of our Honeymoon is over, would be correct, however when I texted my mum from Nice airport just before we boarded, that the post wedding and honeymoon blues are sure to kick in she replied that I wasn’t to say that and that we can be on honeymoon for the rest of our lives if we so wish! I loved that and it’s something that I want to test out!

To all The Life of Stuff readers, whether you catch the posts on Facebook, Twitter or Google + or whether you have signed up for the weekly The Life of Stuff newsletter – thank you for sticking around and for your support. To those who are new to The Life of Stuff … welcome and I hope you enjoy our posts.

Best Wishes 🙂

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