The Life of Stuff is Six Years Old! Happy 6th Birthday The Life of

The Life of Stuff is Six Years Old!

It really doesn’t feel like a year has passed since I wrote ‘Happy 5th Birthday The Life of Stuff‘! The year has flown by for me. In fact I’m presently catching up with it because this post should have been published on The Life of Stuff’s official birthday of August 23rd – a milestone I’ve never been tardy with before but then I’m a bit tardy with a lot of stuff of late, and that’s tardy, not tarty – and now I’ve just given myself a goo for a slice of tart – damn you word association!

The Life of Stuff is Six Years Old - Birthday

So what’s new in the past year since we celebrated The Life of Stuff Blog Birthday last August?

Well apart from staycations, vacations and vaccinations …

Cassidy turned one years old – he learnt how to walk, he now runs everywhere. He sings more than he talks but its early days for both yet. He has mastered finger-food but just hasn’t got the yogurt eating etiquette down to a t yet – currently he eats 99% of the yogurt with a spoon, really well might I add, but he finishes that last 1% by shoving his fist into the yogurt carton, rubbing his hands together with the last of said yogurt, adding his face and hair to the mix, just for good measure.

Smith turned three years old and started preschool this month. Like a pro. And although I was more concerned that I’d make a ‘holy’ show of myself bawling at the sight of him going into class, and leaving me and his little brother for a full three hours each day – than I was of him crying, neither happened and I’m so happy that he’s so happy making new friends and starting down his own path.

Patrick and I – we celebrated our Fifth Wedding Anniversary, which also marked fifteen years together. We started out as two wild kids, now we have two wild kids! Such is the circle of life and we’re loving it. Oh and we also embarked on the first of our home renovations – the first of many, and all will be revealed soon, so do pop back for those posts. And now that the work is just about done, our little dog Charlie will be able to return from his extended holiday at Granny & Grandad’s, so we can’t wait for that.

And The Life of Stuff?

It went Stateside, became part of, contributed to the Irish, featured a host of fabulous Creatives via The Life of Stuff Art & Design SeriesMusic Series, and the newest Food & Drink Series. Feedspot awarded it position number five in the Top 10 Ireland Travel Blogs on the Web!, and a place in the Top 20 Irish Parenting Blogs. It featured new travel destinations, new businesses, new music, new festivals and things to do. But most importantly, it kept its loyal readers, thank you – and gained new ones, thank you too. And because of you The Life of Stuff now has a Page Authority of 38 and a Domain Authority of 43 – which is great because its pages will be found easier.

Here’s to the next six years, wherever it may take us!

Thank you for reading The Life of Stuff. Here’s to another six years of Irish and Worldly Culture, Travel and Lifestyle Blogging!

To celebrate its birthday and not skip out on what has become tradition, there will be some gorgeous giveaways over the coming weeks so keep opening those newsletters and keep an eye on our social media accounts for news.


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