The Zodiac Sessions at Bruxelles, Dublin

The Zodiac Sessions – Bruxelles Bar in Dublin


The Zodiac Sessions

Wednesday’s child is full is woe … or so the rhyme goes but if The Zodiac Sessions had anything to do with it, Wednesday’s child would be full of wow.

The Zodiac Sessions  have been taking place every Wednesday downstairs in Bruxelles (the pub next to the Phil Lynott Statue, if you’re not familiar, and a pub and venue where in the past I spent many a night head-banging and spending too much money on a dukebox, but that’s another story) for nearly eight years now. It’s run by Barry ‘Jazz’ Finnegan and the night includes open mic for aspiring artists as well as set performances by well known unsigned and independent singers, musicians and bands. The Zodiac Sessions consists of a stage or ‘a platform on which international performers present their unique talents to the world.’ (, sound, lighting, an eager audience, even more eager performers and a well stocked bar … and all free … well apart from the bar … you pay for your own pint.

You could be reading this saying to yourself that you know all this but then again you might not have heard about it or it might have slipped your mind … these things happen and to the best of us. I went last Wednesday with my fine gentleman (that’s my Fiancé) to see The Radioactive Grandma. We headed in at about 10pm and got to witness some really class acts. There’s a really lovely buzz about the sessions and it’s great to see the support the singers, musicians and bands show each other. We really enjoyed Michael O’BrienRay Scully is definitely one to watch out for and the brilliant The Radioactive Grandma‘s belted out another great gig. If you’d like get a taste of what to expect why not check them out and you can also visit The Zodiac Sessions Youtube Channel here for more great live music.

So whether you’re living in Dublin or visiting and find yourself pondering on what to do on a Wednesday night then you know where to go … just be careful where you park though as we returned to a clamped car, it’s a good thing the night was so good previously as the only thing that got us down was forking out the €80.00 to have it unclamped … there’s a fine line between loading bay and coach, even after 7pm … a better idea is to leave the car at home and enjoy a pint … I’m looking forward to the finer evenings when we’ll be walking home afterwards.

Bruxelles, Dublin

Bruxelles, Dublin

Ray Scully

Ray Scully

The Radioactive Grandma

The Radioactive Grandma


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  1. Hi there, Unfortunately I wasn’t there on Wednesday but here’s the line up from the night and links to both The Zodiac Sesssions Facebook page and Youtube Channel … hope this helps 🙂

    Wednesday February 13th Line-Up









    plus more……..