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I blogged about Theatre Upstairs back in April. If you missed it you can read it by clicking here. If you have read it you’ll have read that I was really looking forward to experiencing a Lunchtime Performance. Well today I got the chance. I arrived at the Theatre Upstairs at about 12.55pm. Was greeted warmly by the lovely Sinéad, she’s the Front of House Manager, and handed a programme. The lunchtime performance does not go ahead without lunch so I grabbed a bowl of soup and a couple of slices of homemade style brown bread and took a seat at one of the tables. The soup was really tasty and the bread fresh, add some real butter and sure I was delighted with myself. I did have to eat quickly though as the time was ticking for showtime! We, the audience who had gotten there before me and I, were notified that the play would begin and we were ushered into the Theatre itself. Seats are a free for all so I sat in the front. Sure why not.

Snake Oil


Snake Oil Programme

Not to purge words but to quote from the programme, posters and Theatre Upstairs Facebook. Snake Oil is ‘a play about deception, misdirection and the art of persuasion’ … sounds intriguing I think you’ll agree. Written by the artistic Alan O’Regan and directed by the talented Gemma Doorly the play is based around three characters. The young, glamorous but broke Shell, played by Ciara O’Callaghan. The older, sophisticated business man Ed, played by Raymond Keane and the younger student-type chap Conor, played by Gerard Adlum. Shell catches Ed’s eye in an airport bar (and why wouldn’t she because I have to say Ciara looked fantastic). As a result of meeting Shell, Ed (who I have to say emulated what a dashing older man should look like) meets Conor (I took a double take in the final act). Shell is broke. Conor may hold the key to a first world problem and Ed may be the ticket to a better life for all three. What unfolds is a result of ‘deception, misdirection and the art of persuasion’.

I am recommending the play. Ciara’s performance was effortless and convincing and I actually think she shed a tear. She nearly had me blubbering for a split second before I copped on. It was really nice to see her on the stage rather than behind a TV screen. With a CV like Raymond’s there was no doubt that every inch of his performance would be professional. It’s funny though, even though he played an older man you could clearly see the youth in his eyes. Gerard brought his passion for acting to the stage and as a recent Acting School Graduate I have no doubt that I will be witnessing him again on stage. Fair play to everyone involved in the production and of course to the artistic Writer Alan and the talented Director, Gemma.

I really enjoyed my theatrical Lunchtime Performance … that really could read wrong … but you catch my drift. If you are in Dublin Town and want to do something different for lunch then this is the answer. Not only do you get the opportunity to make your day or week a little more special but you’ll also be supporting the Arts, new talents, legends and a non-funded, profit share organisation. I’m really looking forward to returning. If you would like to check out Snake Oil for yourself you’ll be happy to know that it will be running until Saturday June 29th. For more information on the times and what’s on you can connect with Theatre Upstairs here or you can just pop into them above Lanigan’s Bar on Eden Quay.

Snake Oil at the Theatre Upstairs

Please note I was very gratefully invited to Snake Oil through The Life of Stuff by the Theatre Upstairs however all the photo’s, words and opinions are my own … sure who else’s would they be?

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