There’s Nothing Like an Irish Hairy Baby … T-Shirt that is!, Wanna Win Some?

Hairy Baby – Sure you have to be Irish to Get It!


Hairy Baby Guaranteed Irish

There really is nothing like a Hairy Baby T-Shirt. I was introduced to them, quite a few moons ago, by my sister who at the time had gone banana’s buying Hairy Baby baby t-shirts for Christmas prezzies for the tots she knew and buying wickedly cool Men’s t-shirts for my brothers. There was, from the beginning something different about these shirts. They came from an Irish company, yes. They were well made, yes. The print was quality, yes. They were funny, hell yes … but that wasn’t just it! What they were and what they still are is truthful, truthfully Irish! So much so that you really have to be Irish or at least have lived on these Fair Isles to get them, to get the humour, funniness and shtyle!

Founded in the early 2000’s by a once Hairy Baby himself, Kerryman Daragh Murphy, the Hairy Baby empire of T-Shirts began it’s life. Daragh, a t-shirt wearing record spinning Irishman found that the only t-shirts he could find to express his Irish-ness were those covered in little leprechauns and shamrocks. Dismayed by this but delighted with himself at same time, he decided to take it upon himself to change the ‘I’m from Ireland’ t-shirt forever! Roping his sister and brother into his master plan, the Murphy family began to creep into the Irish market. Now Hairy Baby is loved by over 36,000 Irish Facebook fans worldwide, can be found proudly displayed in one of Ireland’s major Department Stores, Arnotts and was/is loved so much by the writers of the famous Fr. Ted, that they were given the rights to produce the best Fr. Ted t-shirts that ever existed and probably will.

To get your taste buds tickled I’ve chosen to share with you some of my favourite Men, Women, Kids and Baby t-shirts that are available to buy from the Hairy Baby website I’ve also included some Father Ted classics, which you can purchase from Hairy Baby’s Father Ted’s Tees website Other Hairy Baby T-Shirts, I love are the Sminky Animation ones – you’ve seen more than one post about these cartoons on The Life of Stuff.

Hairy Baby T-Shirts

Hairy Baby T-Shirts

Hairy Baby T-Shirts 

That’s Some Rig Out
€20.00 –

My Mum cuts my hair
€14.00 –

€25.00 –

Who Said Mass?
€23.00 –

You Had Me At How’s It Going?
€23.00 –

I’m Fierce Handy
€14.00 –

Super Pooper
€12.00 –

A Savage for Bacon & Cabbage
€24.00 –

State Of Yerman
€24.00 –

€23.00 –

My Dad’s An Awful Eejit
€12.00 –

Coola Boola
€23.00 –


Father Ted’s Tees

Father Ted's Tees Father Ted T-Shirts 

Dreamy Sleepy Nighty Snooze Snooze
€23.00 –

Are Those My Feet?
€22.00 –

It’s beginning to kick in, Ted
€20.00 –

Doesn’t Mary Have A Lovely Bottom
€20.00 –

Small,Far Away
€20.00 –

I’ve had my fun, and that’s all that matters
€20.00 –

I Love A Good Long Mass
€20.00 –

i’m so gorgeous they want to put me under arrest
€20.00 –

You’re Right There, Ted
€20.00 –



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Competition Time!

Hairy Baby Competition

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Answer Example : Mary, New Zealand ‘You’re some man for one man’


This competition is open to all Life of Stuff’ers living on EARTH so don’t forget to share the competition with those Far and Away so they can be in with the chance of winning something from home! Good luck everyone! The winner will be notified by email and the competition ends on December 15th, 2013 … oh and  …

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  1. Don’t know if it’s local to us but I ♡ “Where would you be with no bell on your bike. ” ( Equivalent of up river without paddle!)
    G O Meara. Offaly, ROI.

  2. stick yer thumb up yer bum and sit on yer elbow (when somewhere is so busy and packed that there’s no seats)

  3. Jackie, Ireland, “taking the piss” followed by “he is so tight he still has his communion money”

  4. Emma, Ireland
    “grand”… it was only when I worked in England that I realised this isn’t a usual thing to say anywhere but Ireland!

  5. Aaaaaaaaaahh stoppit!
    OR when an item of clothing is complimented: ‘Penneys!’
    Co. Tipperary.

  6. The Winner of all this Lovely Stuff from Hairy Baby has been chosen at random … and the Winner is Emily O. …. Congrats Emily! and thank you one and all for entering this fab competition … stay tuned for more!