Thursday’s Tomfoolery – Extreme Sheep LED Art

Extreme Sheep LED Art


My little Sheep


With Spring comes sheep and lambs, nature getting ready for sunshine. Everything starts to become alive again after the cold winter winds and frost. I like sheep for their wool, lambs are really cute and most have funny faces. Sure just look at the picture of the little fella above … aww! There are lots more where that came from on the site I took his photo from but that’s another story. Have you ever watched the Sheepdog Trials on TV? There is some talent there or perhaps it’s a gift, either way both master and his dog(s) are a sight! But what happens when you add some LED lighting to a flock of sheep? They don’t just light up! … they become Extreme Sheep LED Art. An old enough Youtube sensation but one that I thoroughly enjoy. Hope you do too 🙂


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