Thursday’s Tomfoolery – Happy Halloween 2013!


Happy Halloween 2013!


So I’m doing the usual scan over Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and I can’t help but notice the amount of photographs of cute little kids all dressed up for Halloween. The majority of these photo’s are belonging to friends and some are from family … guess it’s the age I’m at to have so many friends with little bundles of halloween joy. I don’t have kids. What I do have is my dog Charlie.

I love Halloween or as the elders called it Hallow’s Eve. Charlie doesn’t like Halloween, simply because the noise of the distant bangers and fireworks drive him demented. You would think in his third year on this earth he would know that once a year these squealing and whizzing sounds come to haunt him. We also keep him indoors during this time, which he really isn’t into. Anyhoo apart from these noises, and his outdoor restrictions, Charlie has another reason for not liking Halloween and this came about this year, 2013. Tonight in fact. You see I got to thinking if Charlie is kind of like my little kid then why can’t I dress him up for Halloween? …

… And so here he is, Charlie my little fella dressed up for Halloween in a wig!

Charlie in a Wig 1

Charlie in a Wig 2

Charlie in a Wig 3

Next year I might get a little more inventive as there are some really brilliant costume ideas out there but until then …

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