Tiger – A Danish Retail Revolution in Ireland

Tiger – A Danish Retail Concept now in Ireland


Tiger pounced on the Danish market back in 1995 and now only 18 or so years later it has 230 stores (and counting) in 18 countries. So you could say that they have captured a county for every year of its existence. The concept behind Tiger is to bring to the general public a retail concept that allows shoppers to buy quirky, design orientated items for their home, office or garden for very good value. Nothing in their store will cost more than €30 with a lot of items falling under the €10 bracket. Sweet.

Tiger was mentioned to me about five or six weeks ago. It wasn’t explained to me. I was just told that there’s a very cool little shop on Nassau Street that I should check out. So I did and I was impressed. Depending on how you describe Tiger, you could be misguided into thinking that it is meerly a two euro store or another Dealz concept but it’s not. To me it’s a cross between Ikea and a gift store with the ‘two euro store’ prices. The items that were on display ranged from household to office items. There were kids games that would actually look good on the coffee table of a childless apartment or house. There were kitchen utensils … check out their stainless steel range … oh and the Spoon on the Edge … gonna get me some of those! and even toileteries … I fancy their Dead Sea products. Frames, candles … in every colour … and even sweets and chocolates. It was a mix-match of items but yet the way the store was laid out, it’s cleanliness and brightness along with the quirkiness of the items, their colours and quality – it made me feel like I could walk around a look and touch each item at a leisurely pace.

So for what reason would I recommend you visit a Tiger store? Well if you have an event coming up, you could check it out for props. It’d be a great place to start if you wanted to put together goodie bags or a birthday package. There are lots of arts and crafts items including cards and wrapping paper. Maybe you need washing up gloves with flowers on them, multi-coloured candles or a new bell for your bike? How bout a new retro clock to wake you up to your fucky looking cornflakes or what about some spice for your cooking and a glass for that wine you’ll drink with it? Each to their own when it comes to style and taste but you most likely will come out of the shop with some kind of purchase whether it be big or small.

Ireland is home to six Tiger stores at present but this will most likely grow. If you live in Dublin, you have the choice of four stores. If you live in Kildare you have a choice of two. If you live outside of these places, I’m sure there’s a Tiger coming soon! For more information you can visit Tiger here but remember that the website is not a shop and only highlights some of the items on sale. Happy Shopping! Happier purse strings 🙂


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  1. Hi Edwina, I really like your introduction to both the The Rare Clothing Co and Tiger store. this will have to be a must for me to visit the next time I am in Dublin. Your website in great and I look forward to checking it out. Eliza