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I’ve travelled quite a bit in my shortish time in and on this world. It started when I was fresh out of college, when I went to teach English in Korea, South Korea, of course. After my return to Ireland and a year or so working, I was off again, this time with my boyfriend who is now my hubby, travelling around South East Asia. The latest ‘Big’ trip saw me starting my trip in India, working my way around the world and ending my trip in Brazil … now when I say me I should really saw we as there was a pair of us in it! Mr hubby to be at the time was by my side for every adventure.

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Over the past few years our travels haven’t been as far fetched but we still love to get away and explore. The world seems much smaller now that I’ve seen so much of it but I still love to research a little about where I’m going and what I can do when I get there, what food I can try, what the culture and music is like and importantly I like to research and check out the best flight deals and quality accommodation.

When I started travelling over 10 years ago, I had to wait for a dial-up connection to the internet to research and most of the information I had was from a travel book. My ticket was booked through a travel agent in person … which don’t get me wrong worked out very well but the time put in to find the best deals from different agents and airlines was a bit of a pain. Nowadays it’s different, although I still love my travel books, and have visited Travel Agents in person, researching is a lot easier with instant access to the internet, especially if you have a smartphone. On your phone you can google your destination, check the weather, download language translators to use when you get there and most importantly you can check and book your flights and accommodation.

There are lots of apps out there when it comes to booking flights and accommodation. I have a few downloaded to my phone as I type this. Finding the one or ones that suit you best is really a matter of trial and error but getting started is easy.

An example of one such app is the Expedia app. This app stands out for me at the moment as they are offering €20 off your first mobile booking.

Once you click on the app link above ↑ you are brought to the app where you click on Install. After installation all you need to do is click Open. Once open you decide on what you are looking for, whether it’s Hotels or Flights. For Hotels you can choose the city you want or even the location you are in. For Flights it’s as simple as entering your departure airport, destination and what date you would like to fly out. The departure date is the first highlighted date and to get the departure date you just drag your finger across to the day you wish to depart. By clicking select, you are brought to a choice of flights ranging in times, airlines and prices. Choose your departure flight and click select, choose your return flight and click select, then within seconds the flights are confirmed and cost calculated. After that if you want to proceed with the booking, you enter the passenger details and follow the payment procedure. Simples!

Expedia How To Book

I’m app crazy and love the technology we have today with the information we can get at the click, tap and swipe of a screen or button. When it comes to my travel apps there’s nothing quite like checking flights to different parts of the world even if I have no immediate plans to go there … a girl can dream can’t she?

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