Twinkl Offer Free Educational Resources to Support Families in Ireland

Free Educational Resources in Ireland with Twinkl

Children across Ireland have been impacted by school closures due to Covid-19 in recent weeks. And with news that closures could last until June – remote learning is a necessity. Parents and guardians nationwide now have the added pressure to look for ways to ensure their children are able to continue learning. Planning their days during these school disruptions so that their little students don’t miss out or fall behind. And seeking educational resources in Ireland to help them do so.

Twinkl Offer Free Educational Resources to Support Families in Ireland - The Life of Stuff

As a result, and because the team at Twinkl know how important it is that families have access to reliable learning materials – they’ve decided to offer their teacher-made online resource library of 630,000 original resources completely FREE of charge for one month!

From Early Years to Sixth Year … phonics to photos. The education resources on Tinkl are really fantastic. I’ve signed up for our little preschoolers. I downloaded the School Closures Pack for Early Years. And scanning through it I see there are plenty of lessons we will be able to do together at my PC, and those that I can print for colouring, drawing and tracing.

How to Avail of the Resources at Twinkl

How to access Twinkl's free month offer

Thanks for all your questions on how to access the free month of Twinkl! Here is a short video on how to use the free code.

Posted by Twinkl Resources on Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Parents simply need to:

  1. Visit
  2. Include code IRLTWINKLHELPS to gain complete access to the Twinkl online library for one month.
  3. No payment information is necessary
  4. The sign-up process takes less than a minute.
  5. You can find full information about Twinkl and their free home learning assistance here.

We know that parents can really benefit from this access … Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the Coronavirus and we hope that this will go some way towards helping Irish families impacted by school closures.”

Will Bond, Twinkl Ltd

The Life of Stuff - Twinkl Offer Free Educational Resources to Support Families in Ireland


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