Vice Coffee Inc. – Middle Abbey Street, Dublin

Vice Coffee Inc. – Dublin

Vice Coffee Inc.

I’ve worked and lived on both sides of the River Liffey since I moved to Dublin a little over ten years ago. I’ve lived on the north side and worked on the south, I’ve lived on the south side and worked on the north. It has been and still is a great way to get to know Dublin City or Town, depending on your preference, and what it has to offer, whether it’s a food store, clothes shop, gallery or urban space.

My most recent findings while wondering the streets in need of a coffee, preferably a good coffee was Vice Coffee Inc. a couple of weeks ago. Vice  Coffee Inc can be found on Middle Abbey Street in The Twisted Pepper, across from Arnotts and with it serving some of the best coffee around the name Vice is quite apt.

On my first visit I tried an artisan filtered coffee which was Kenyan and called Kagumoini … don’t ask me to repeat that. I didn’t need to try repeat it as my order was remembered the following times I visited … now that’s customer service! The coffee is slowly filtered and absolutely delicious, the taste, the aroma, the strength … no need for milk or sugar (I’m sweet enough already). The last time I was in I tried a really strong espresso which was accompanied by a small cappuccino. Sour and strong followed by sweet and milky. Vice Coffee Inc. uses Hasbeen Coffee and once you try it you’ll understand what the fuss is about and why the passion exists to bring the best coffee beans to Ireland. For more info on this, have a read of Colin Hamon of 3FE’s inspirational story here.

Vice Coffee Inc.

Vice’s coffee keeps me coming back for more, there’s nothing better than a proper coffee to put a pep in your step. Being greeted with a smile as your order is taken, a seat that opens out to the watch the world go by and music that pleases my ears helps too. I’ve been tempted each time by the scrumptious looking tart-lets, brownie bites and buns but I’ve only given in once. I’m proud of that. I’m all about the coffee but for tea drinkers, you’ll find the tea served by the pot, from Waterloo Teas and available in Black, Green, Fruit and Herbal. Seats vary from comfy couch styles to bar stools and high tables, my favourites as mentioned are the seats at the entrance that leads out to the passing world.

 If you’d like to connect with Vice Coffee Inc. you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Vice Coffee Inc


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