Viviscal Big Hair Confessions Revealed 2014

Viviscal Big Hair Confessions 

Big Hair Confession - Viviscal

You may remember seeing the fab photo I posted of the gorgeous model and fellow blogger Pippa O’Connor (if you follow me on twitter, facebook or google plus) last Wednesday. I met and had a quick natter with her at the Viviscal Big Hair Confessions Launch that took place in the eloquent Residence Members Club on Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

Along with a host of other bloggers, our host for the night was the equally gorgeous ‘presenter extraordinaire’ Maia Dunphy. She’s a funny gal and she kept us and the panel of experts entertained for the couple of hours we were there to hear the goss on Hair Confessions. The aforementioned panel included Pippa, the lovely TV psychotherapist Anne Colgan, the fab Beverly Barbour from the Mia Foundation and celebrity hairstylist Ciaran Nevin … the only man on the panel but not the only man in the room might I add. There were quite a few guys there actually including my hubby Patrick but not including the current face of Viviscal for men Ronan O’Gara. We were all there not only to nibble on the cupcakes and wine on a glass of prosecco but to ‘get to the root of the survey findings’ … and here they are in all their splendor, the World’s Largest Hair Report

  • 68% of Irish Women Say Hair Loss is Their Biggest Fear
  • 72% of Irish women would choose a healthy full head of hair over healthy glowing skin.
  • 54% said that hair thinning, or loss made them feel less confident, sad, self-conscious or worried.
  • 84% of those surveyed said that when their hair looks good they’re more likely to go after what they want, make an impression or be social.
  • 84% of those questioned said that when their hair looks good they have a spring in their step and feel invincible!
  • 68% of Irish women questioned have noticed some excess shedding, thinning or hair loss.
  • 40% of blame stress and poor diet for hair thinning and hair loss.
  • 80% admitted to having had bad dye jobs, unflattering haircuts and big, big hair.
  • 90% said they had gone a couple of days to a week without washing their hair.
  • 80% of Irish women opt for a ponytail or reach for a hat when having a bad hair day.

Having made the scientific breakthrough that allows women have thicker, fuller, healthier hair from within Viviscal is helping women across the world overcome hair issues with their complete Hair Growth and Hair Care Programme.

Viviscal understands how hair grows and what affects hair growth and knows that healthy hair comes from within. The brand is inspired by nature’s ability to transform hair, and hair’s ability to transform attitudes and lives.

The programme includes; Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements to nourish from within, Gentle Shampoo, Moisturising Conditioner and Hair and Scalp Serum to invigorate and protect the scalp and prepare it for optimum growth along with Volumising Hair Fibres available in 6 shades to instantly build volume. These elements work together to support healthy hair growth to help hair appear fuller and thicker. Viviscal supplements are the No 1 Hair Growth Supplements in the USA, with one box being sold every minute globally in 2013.’ (RDC Communitcations) 

Viviscal Big Hair Confessions 2014

How d’ya like those stats! Very impressive I would say. What is also impressive is the goodie bag I received at the event. It included a really great ‘Love Your Hair’ Book that shows you how to recreate ’24 easy-to-follow recipes for effortlessly sexy hair’. A book I hope to get some use out of once my hair grows to at least shoulder length. To help it on it’s way I received a bottle of the Viviscal Shampoo and Conditioner, which I’ve blogged about before, Viviscal Hair and Scalp serum, which I have yet to try and two months supply of Viviscal Maximum Strength Tablets, I’ve already stolen the pack from Patrick’s goodie bag which gives me two months worth and plenty of time to test what it’s all about! (Viviscal recommend 3-6 months usage before you see the real results). Patrick is also quite interested in the Viviscal for Men so I’ll have to sort him out with a few packs too … we could have hair off! … actually that doesn’t really sound right but you know what I mean.


Here’s what else I have to say  …. did you know that …

  • Viviscal is made in Galway … Yes Ireland!
  • Viviscal is donating €1 from every completed Irish survey to the Mia Hair Restoration Charitable Trust!
  • 6,900 women have already confessed.
  • Viviscal does not make you hairy all over! Its a myth! … as the specially developed formula only works on the hair on your head, relieving to know.

So what you waiting for let’s hear yours! 


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