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I Love Owls


I love owls

I’ve mentioned it before … that I think I love owls … I’ve blogged about it briefly, which you can read here. I’ve even created a Pinterest Board for them, which you can see here … it may be silly but I just think they are one of the coolest birds ever, their many expressions and big eyes, okay the head spinning thing can be a little creepy … think ‘The Exorcist” but they stand for wisdom, intellegence and wealth. In some cultures they are seen as the guardians of souls. They are mysterious and knowing. I must’ve let this slip to my Fiancé because on Valentines Day he gifted me with a gorgeous pandora bracelet and an owl charm … he’s so charming! It’ll take a while to fill it, like it did my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet but on the plus side for him my future gifts have been made easy!

With my little thing for owls I decided that this weeks fashion fix will be about them. Now, I’m a bit long in the tooth to go all crazy ass and wear owl designs head to toe but a little splash is nice. When winter comes there are lots of owl designs in shops and on the high street but I think that some designs can be worn all year round so I’ve sourced some really lovely pieces from Irish designers to show you. Not to keep the boys in the dark I’ve sourced some pretty cool owl t-shirts and hoodies, which can be delivered to Ireland. Enjoy!



Owls for the Girls

Barn owl Necklace
€22.00 – Ruby Robin Boutique on

€2.50 – The Irish Knitting Room on

Steampunk Owl copper and brass pins wood pendant
€12.00 – Feral designs on

I may be pint-sized but I’m fierce Owl necklace
€89.00 –

€67.00 –

Woodland Creatures Owl Badge
€10.00 –

Decoupage necklace – Coffee owl
€9.00 –

Night Owl
€265.00 –

Sterling Silver Enamelled Owl Pendant

Price by enquiry –




Owls for the Boys 

Men’s T Shirt Owl with Tophat American Apparel Animal Screen Print…
€16.91 – Full Spectrum Clothing on

Owl Branch Zip Hoodie
€49.08 – American Apparel on

Skullowl Zipper
€44.95 –

Astroowl T-Shirt
€22.95 –

Wolfowl T-Shirt
€22.95 –

an owl with different decorations in the style of the Mexican Sugar…
€21.49 –

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  1. Great editorial! Thanks so much for featuring my owl pendant 🙂 I love that kinda of burgundy guys t-shirt!

  2. I just won that gorgeous Ruby Robin necklace in a giveaway- can’t wait to wear ittt 😀 I love everything you’ve posted- I would totally wear the guy’s shirts too!