Why Becoming A Mother Won’t Define Me … as a Blogger

… But I Am a Mother then a Blogger

The Life of Stuff - Why Becoming A Mother Won't Define Me ... as a Blogger

The Life of Stuff is a, and I quote ‘a Personal, Irish Pop Culture and Lifestyle Blog featuring music, culture, travel, fashion, beauty, food, drink and all the other stuff’ … It’s about ‘The Life of Stuff, the stuff of my life, my little adventures, my interests and bits from my everyday life.’

Everything on the blog is my personal choice to share. From the news and reviews I personally write to the guest posts and press releases I share because even then I have to approve them before I can support and share them.

Since I revealed last year that Patrick and I were going to be parents for the first time and since our beautiful son graced us with his presence in March this year, whenever the topic of being a mother and blogger comes into conversation the first thing that is said to me is ‘Oh so your blog is full of pregnancy stuff‘ or ‘Oh sure I bet it’s all about baby now‘ … I usually answer with a simple ‘no, not at all’ before changing the subject but I know that the next question on their lips is ‘But didn’t you just mention your blog is a personal blog?‘ and to this unuttered question … here is my reply …

″Yes The Life of Stuff is a personal blog but it’s also an Irish Pop Culture and Lifestyle Blog. A blog that features music, culture, travel, fashion, beauty, food and drink! 

Yes my life’s priority is baby now but that’s not to say my life is nothing but baby. I could never have a life all about baby. It wouldn’t be fair to him. 

To change The Life of Stuff to a pregnancy and parenting blog would be like changing my life to that of just a parent and I’m more than just a mother, I’m me … and although my life has changed for the better, although Smith is truly the biggest and best adventure yet … I still have my little adventures, my interests, my identity.

Smith, my son is my life. There isn’t an event in the world that can’t be missed, a press release that can’t be shared or a blog post that can’t be written if it means that precious time with him is intruded upon. If it means that I miss an event because Daddy is working and Granny isn’t available to babysit, so be it, there’ll be others. If it means that the hot news I just got word of has turned cold and stale by the time I’ve had a chance to write about it because it was playtime or feed-time … then so be it, a late night blog post when everyone’s in bed or a tweet and Facebook update will have to suffice. 

Too often I see people lose their identity when they become parents. Too often I see personal and lifestyle blogs become parenting blogs. I don’t have a problem with it, of course, each to their own and whatever makes you happy and whole, but I won’t be going down that route and I’ll tell you my reason why.

Smith will be with Patrick and I every step of this adventure called life and …

I want Smith, Patrick and my son, to know me. I want him to know what I’m about, what makes me tick, my hobbies and interests. I want him to grow up knowing that there’s a big wide and amazing world out there full of interesting music to witness, different cultures to explore and far away places to see. I want him to know that the clothes he wears can be unique, that there are ways to help you look good but that it’s more important to feel good. I want him to appreciate food and know how to cook. To appreciate drinks but know how to drink. I want to open up a world to him through my eyes so that one day he can choose and see them through his own and make his own decisions about what’s cool or hot or whatnot. 

But isn’t this what every mother or parent does? Isn’t this what every parent wants for their child? Of course it is!

And so there lies my answer to ‘Oh so your blog is full of pregnancy stuff’ or ‘Oh sure I bet it’s all about baby now’ … ‘Of course it’s not, it’s full of life, just like me, just like it was before and just as it will continue to be … It’s full of the stuff of life – It’s The Life of Stuff’.″

P.S. You’ll find this post in my ‘Parenting Category’ 🙂

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