Win a Stunning Solar-Powered Sundial Watch worth €175

Capture the Light with a Stunning Solar-Powered Sundial Watch

The Life of Stuff is FOUR years old and we’re celebrating in style with a Stunning Solar-Powered Sundial Watch worth €175!!!

The celebrations kicked off on The Life of Stuff birthday on August 23rd and has continued with a special giveaway for The Life of Stuff Subscribers every FOUR days for FOUR weeks! That’s eight amazing giveaways in four weeks worth hundreds and hundreds of euros!

Win a Stunning Solar-Powered Sundial Watch worth €175

This is the eighth and final Birthday giveaway, and it really is something special – a Stunning Solar-Powered Sundial Watch.

I’m a big fan of Sundial Watches ever since I was introduced to them at their Dublin Launch in August. Taken from my Instagram – I’m wearing the A41LKK Sundial Watch below – black with rose gold crown, brown leather strap with buckle.

Win a Stunning Solar-Powered Sundial Watch worth €175

The full collection is gorgeous, with styles and sizes to suit every taste whether you’re a man or a woman. Styles include leather straps, nylon straps and steel bracelet models with a curved one-piece case.

Each Sundial Watch is solar-powered which means that they automatically recharge when they’re exposed to light, so you’ll never need to change the battery!

Sundial is available from jewellers nationwide and you can find your nearest stockist here. 

A30NRV is the name of the Sundial Watch you have a chance of winning. 

“For the bold, or just for those who like a splash of colour, Sundial offers a high quality striped nylon strap with comfort-fit leather lining. Strap colours are carefully matched to the watch dials or hands, with buckles matched to case colour.” (Sundial.Watch)

For a full description of this gorgeous giveaway visit the Sundial website here.


So what do you have to do?

It’s simple! Just be a subscriber to The Life of Stuff, and enter your answer to the following question plus your name in the comment box below this post.

Question: There’s SCIENCE behind Sundial Watches. Can you fill in the blanks?

“The stored energy keeps the watch powered for _______ on a full charge, and automatically replenishes through exposure to light during everyday wear.” Sundial.Watches

a). 6 hours

b). 6 days

c). 6 months

Need a hint … click here.


This gorgeous giveaway will run until September 24th. The lucky winner will be contacted by email and the news shared across The Life of Stuff social media channels

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It isn’t a requirement to enter this giveaway but it’s always nice to connect. If you’d like to connect with Sundial Watches, you can do so here:

Sundial Watches on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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  1. c). 6 months
    Fiona Horgan

    Absolutely fabulous watch. Adore the colours & how fantastic is it that is solar-powered with the charge lasting so long! Fingers crossed! xxxxx

  2. Answer: c). 6 months
    The stored energy keeps the watch powered for 6 months on a full charge, and automatically replenishes through exposure to light during everyday wear.

  3. C). 6 months. Fantastic giveaway !!!! So generous, I’m not the best time keeper so winning this gorgeous watch may just help !!!

  4. Congratulations to Michael Breen, the Stunning Solar-Powered Sundial Watches Watch worth €175 WINNER!!!

    Thank you to all who entered

    Edwina 🙂