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Antix is a hip-hop artist like no other. Shunning the bravado and materialism of so many of his contemporaries; Antix is a man with a message. The unique style of Antix is simply a step above, drawing from the intellectual flows and lyrical grit of acts like Public Enemy. Antix’ sound is a revival of what has been lost in hip-hop for so long and his new single ‘Our Father’ confirms that.’ (

Sure with an introduction like that, how could I not want to know a little more about, well, Antix!

So with a little research here’s what I’ve gathered … British born Antix lives in London. His recent single ‘Our Father‘ has had over 25,000 Youtube views in just two weeks. His single ‘Letters To My Unborn‘ has had over 167,000 views and his single, which I love, ‘You’re Crazy‘ has had over 115,000 views … to date. No easy feat! No easier feat is the fact that he was one of the 20 Finalists of MTV’s Brand New for 2014! Sweet.

With an email of two here’s what I also gathered … 

… An Interview with Antix – Rapper, Singer, Hip Hop Artist 

  • What or who are your musical influencers?

My musical influences have changed drastically and rapidly over the last few years. When I first started out and was trying to find my voice, I was influenced by the hip hop artists of the early 90’s onwards : Nas, Pac, Outkast, Wu Tang, Eminem. Now, I rarely find influence from the hip hop world. I am deeply influenced by world instruments and classical music. My ultimate aim is to compose my music with an orchestra at my disposal… but that is just a little bit down the road yet!

  • I’ve read that from a young age you were introduced to many musical genres. Why did you choose Hip-Hop? … or did it choose you?

Hip hop started out as one of the most visceral and raw forms of musical communication. It is literally talking over a beat and telling your story. In your own words, your own way, to anyone who will listen. When I was 17, my mum died, and I desperately needed my outlet. It came in the form of lyricism, and playing around over very simple beats that a friend and I cooked up. What started out as a hobby, and a distraction, soon became a passion, which in turn became my life’s calling. Never looked back since.

  • Do you write all your own songs?

Every single song starts in my head. The journey from there to completion is what varies from track to track. Sometimes its the concept first; sometimes a melody; sometimes a chorus or a profound lyric. I take the idea, communicate it the best way that I can, and bring it into life with the help of Bobby Rich and Glen Wallis, my producers. The journey is the most rewarding part of all.

  • You’ve lived in France, England and America. Which country has inspired you most, musically? and why?

Every single place that I have lived and visited is part of who I am. That is what the music I write is all about. My story, my struggles, my outlook on the world, and my journey to changing it. No one place has been more impactful than the other. Every country that I have grown up in has left its mark on me; from the people I have met, to the food that I have eaten, to the politics and societies I have experienced, to the music that I have listened to. These places have shaped my opinion of the world, which I now share back with it.

  • Are you a fan of any Irish Hip-Hop acts?

Sadly I do not know any. But I would love to learn about some… recommendations?

Edwina: Yeh, we’ve got a fairly healthy Hip Hop culture here in Ireland. Deanie, who was also a Finalist in the MTV Brand New for 2014 competition, is pretty well respected for his musical lyrics and talent. The award winning Short Film Broken Song will give you an idea of where some of the Irish talent are at Enjoy 🙂

  • I’m going to run a competition to win both your albums, Flammable Grammar which was released in 2010 and Question Everything which was released in 2012 . Can you describe what the winners will expect to hear and how different are both albums to each other?

These albums are an insight into who I am. I get fans telling me all the time that they feel like they know me after hearing them. That is exactly what I wanted to do. I pull no punches, tell it how it is, and deliver it in a way which is accessible and impactful to the listener. I try to blend musicality and lyricism/content in a way which sneaks up on you. You are sitting there listening to the guitars, and the cellos, the synths and the beats, and all of a sudden turn around and go “damn, these lyrics are no joke”. It’s hip hop done my way. The evolution of the music from “Flammable Grammar” to “Question Everything” is obvious, but they are both true to who I was at the time that they were written. The next one coming in 2014 will be an evolution also.


Thank you Alex … Antix! Great answers – proof of your lyrical talent … and grammar might I add – no spell check needed! Anyhoo if you would like to know more about Antix you can visit his website here – where you can watch, listen and purchase … but hold your horses … ’cause it’s …

Competition Time:

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