Side Hustle – 11 Tips on Freelance Writing for Students

Freelance Writing for Students Top Tips

Starting a journey as a freelance writer can be an exciting adventure, offering adventure, self-discovery, and the chance to share experiences with the world. However, for many aspiring travel, culture and lifestyle writers it can be difficult to balance this dream with educational obligations.

In this article we’re sharing our top ’11 Tips on Freelance Writing for Students’ – to give you a helping hand with your side hustle, all while you maintain your academic responsibilities. From incorporating your life experience into your writing to tips on how to help with dissertation writing – with the most important factor being the ability to find the delicate balance between work, play and education.

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students - Time Management

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students #1

Time Management

A key element of successfully combining travel writing with education is effective time management. Create a realistic schedule that accommodates both your academic commitments and writing aspirations; allot specific time slots for research, writing and studying activities. Use tools such as planners or productivity apps to stay organised and make the most out of each day.

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Tips on Freelance Writing for Students #2

Integrate Life Experiences into Your Education

Look for opportunities to incorporate the industry you want to write about into your academic pursuits. For example; by enrolling in travel-oriented courses, work experience, internships or study abroad experiences – the life experiences gained can offer plenty of material for future writings on travel and culture. Consult with academic advisors in identifying courses that match both your interests and your field of study.

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students #3

Adopt Online Learning

With the rise of online education, consider enrolling in courses that allow for location flexibility. That way, you can continue studying while on the move; online platforms offer various options that enable this pursuit from almost anywhere around the globe. Just ensure a reliable internet connection and create an ideal learning environment wherever your studies may take you!

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students - Build Your Portfolio

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students #4

Aspiring Freelance Writers Should Focus on Building Their Portfolio Early

As a freelance writer looking for opportunities to create content or write articles for websites, magazines or papers – it’s going to be important that you have a strong portfolio as proof of your ability.

To get started on your freelance writer portfolio; document your travels using captivating narratives, high-quality photographs and captivating content. Share this work on a personal blog or social media platforms in order to showcase your writing abilities and attract potential readers and clients. A compelling portfolio not only highlights your experience in writing but can open doors of opportunities in this competitive field.

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Tips on Freelance Writing for Students #5

Utilise Writing Services for Academic Assistance

Balancing freelance writing and education can require assistance with academic tasks, and nowadays the help you need is at your fingertips, whether you’re looking for help with a specific subject, for example; a law essay writing service, or even thesis/dissertation help assistance. These types of services can offer guidance and can be invaluable resources during challenging times.

However it’s important that you never compromise the quality of your academic work and it’s imperative that if you do avail of assistance that it’s from a reputable provider and only used as guidance – academic work should always be original and comply with your college’s rules and regulations.

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students #6


Networking is essential in any career, including freelance writing. Attend industry events, connect with fellow writers and build relationships with professionals within your field – networking can open doors to collaborative opportunities, mentorship or funding for travel adventures! Use social media platforms and attend relevant conferences to broaden your network and gain exposure within the freelance writing community.

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students - Pitch Strategically

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students #7

Pitch Strategically

When approaching writing opportunities, pitch your ideas strategically. Make your pitch relevant to both your expertise and unique perspective as a student-writer; demonstrate the ways your academic background strengthens your ability to provide well-researched articles; don’t give up after repeated rejections – remain persistent!

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students #8

Promote Cultural Awareness

One of the greatest benefits of combining education and the likes of travel writing is developing your cultural awareness. Take time to immerse yourself in local customs, traditions, and histories when visiting new places; not only will this deepen your life experiences but it can add depth to your writing too! A greater knowledge of different cultures makes your work more relatable and accessible for a diverse readership.

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students - View Obstacles as Opportunities

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students #9

View Obstacles as Learning Opportunities

‘Freelance writing while pursuing education presents many unique challenges’ – life is full of peaks and valleys for everyone – so do your best to have this frame of mind rather than viewing ‘challenges’ as obstacles to overcome.

Here’s how; instead of viewing these challenges as hurdles to be overcome, view them as invaluable learning experiences that could strengthen your adaptability and resilience. Embrace unexpected surprises while learning from setbacks; then use these experiences to form narratives and personal growth.

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students #10

Search For Scholarships And Grants

Financing both education and travel can be daunting, but scholarships and grants specifically target those with an appetite for exploration. Research and apply for any opportunities that align with both your academic and writing goals; financial aid will ease the financial strain while validating your commitment to merging learning with writing.

Tips on Freelance Writing for Students - Document Your Academic JourneyTips on Freelance Writing for Students #11

Document Your Academic Journey

Consider weaving the experience of your academic journey into your writing. Share insight into the unique challenges and triumphs associated with combining education and freelance writing into one lifestyle. Doing this not only adds authenticity to your writing but also connects with readers who may be travelling similar paths – your story becomes an inspiration and source of guidance for others seeking to combine both learning and writing together.

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Becoming a freelance writer whilst studying can be both daunting and fulfilling. By practicing time management, integrating travel into your academic path, engaging with online learning tools such as Canvas LMS, creating an impressive portfolio, using academic writing services when necessary, networking effectively and pitching strategically, you can successfully navigate this dual pursuit. Remember, finding an optimal balance is the key to finding success both academically and creatively!

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