Après-Covid, Getting Back to Travelling – 4 Travel Tips

Getting Back to Travelling

The past couple of years have seen travel becoming extremely difficult or, at times, impossible for the majority of us. The rapid and unexpected spread of COVID-19 around the world saw all of us living through a pandemic, where various measures were put into place to reduce and slow the spread between citizens and countries.

For a time, getting across borders was extremely difficult and you couldn’t really get anywhere. It’s not too surprising that most travel plans were put on hold and many of us found alternative things to do in the meantime.

Après-Covid, Getting Back to Travelling - 4 Travel Tips - Newport Beach, California
Newport Beach, California

Of course, since vaccines have been rolled out (not everywhere in the world mind you – which is an extremely important issue that needs to be addressed because citizens of every country, developed or developing, should have the opportunity to be vaccinated), and due to COVID variants weakening, travel is becoming more accessible. And so in this time of aprés-covid you may be considering getting back on your adventures and satiating your sense of wanderlust.

Here are a few tips to help you travel safely and efficiently during these times.

Après-Covid, Getting Back to Travelling – 4 Travel Tips

Après-Covid, Getting Back to Travelling - 4 Travel Tips - Empire State Building, New York City
Empire State Building, New York City

Getting Back to Travelling Tip 1 – Understanding Vaccine Statuses

Different countries have different requirements regarding vaccines. Some require you to be fully vaccinated to enter, others aren’t as strict. It is entirely an individual decision as to whether you get vaccinated or not, but if you plan to travel, you do need to be aware of different countries’ rules and regulations and whether you will be able to travel with your current vaccine status or not. Remember that some countries also require boosters after you have had your vaccine for a specific period of time.

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Après-Covid, Getting Back to Travelling - 4 Travel Tips - El Huecú, Ñorquín, Argentina
El Huecú, Ñorquín, Argentina

Getting Back to Travelling Tip 2 – Masks

Some countries still require you to wear masks in public places. Others don’t. Still now, the majority of airlines will request that you wear a mask while you’re not eating or drinking during your flight. Make sure to check the rules and comply with them, wherever you may go. Stock up on plenty of masks to pack away with your luggage.

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Getting Back to Travelling Tip 3 – Insurance

You should always travel with insurance, pandemic or not. But now, it’s particularly important to read the small print and see what your policy does and doesn’t cover you against. Some policies may not protect you against cancelled trips due to Covid-19. Some will. You should try to get as comprehensive cover as possible. This can help to protect you during your stay.

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Après-Covid, Getting Back to Travelling - 4 Travel Tips - San Francisco, California
San Francisco, California

Getting Back to Travelling Tip 4 – Local Attitudes

Make sure that you are always respectful in the place you are visiting. You may find that the country you are visiting has stricter expectations regarding contact with others, mask wearing, social distancing and other elements of the pandemic than you may have found at home. Just make sure that you look into what is expected and follow suit. This can help to prevent issues and can help to keep everyone feeling comfortable, safe and happy.

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As you can see, there are a number of considerations to take into account when travelling in the current global climate. Hopefully, some of tips above will help to encourage your preparation for your upcoming adventures – when you do jet off and get back to travelling. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy a trip, even if the pandemic isn’t entirely over – travel safe, healthy and happy.

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