Beauty Fix – Flormar Nail Polish

Flormar Nails – A Review

Beauty Fix - Flormar Nail Polish - The Life of Stuff Review

Flormar – Professional Make Up, graced us with its presence here in Ireland at the end of the Summer. Before it did it was available in 80 countries and stocked in more than 40,000 stores … so you could say that Ireland was welcoming one of the world’s best-loved brands.

The Flormar make-up range includes everything from blushers to lipsticks but actually started its make-up world domination with nail polish in Milan back in 1970 so what better way for me to be introduced to the brand than through its top five nail polishes for 2015 – White Board from the Matte Nail Enamel collection, Purr Cat from the Flormar Nail Polish collection, Coral Red from the Jelly Look collection, Bright Coral from the Quick Dry collection and Pink from the Neon Colours collection.

  Beauty Fix - Flormar Nail Polish

First impressions and I love the colour range the nail polish offers. Keeping it subtle and sleek with Purr Cat Nude, bright and bubbly with the Neon Pink, Bright Coral and the Jelly Look Coral Red and being bold with the Matte White.

I’ve used three out of the five polishes to date.

As with all the nail polish I apply, I always use a base coat and a top coat, unless I’m in a hurry, but I try to keep a little time aside when I am doing my own nails.

I’m always a fan of nude and Purr Cat was a pleasure to apply. It lasted about five days on my nails which is great going considering the fact that I’m a mom without a dishwasher (at the moment) who feels like she is a human dishwasher.

Beauty Fix - Flormar Nail Polish

I was a little skeptical about the Matte White. It has been the rage for a while now, fashion-wise but I feared it might look like I’d applied correction pen to my nails – you know like when you painted your nails with the stuff when you were younger, much younger (please tell me I’m not the only one) … however I was more than pleasantly surprised. Again the polish glided on. I used a couple of coats, it dried quickly and even more surprisingly it lasted all week, chip free!

Beauty Fix - Flormar Nail Polish

Last but not least I tried and tested the Jelly Look in Coral Red. There’s something great about bright nail polish that clashes with your outfit or when you wear it with all black. Coral Red did not disappoint and like the others lasted a week and there was minimum chipping/wear.

For more information visit the Flormar Website | Facebook | Twitter

Available from all good pharmacies. RRP Price: €2.95- €4.95

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