Brooke & Shoals – 4 Uplifting Spring Summer Scents

Uplifting Brooke & Shoals Scents

Brooke & Shoals are no stranger to The Life of Stuff – they recently featured in our article ‘Irish Made & Natural – Four Fabulous Irish Candle Makers‘. And following the publication of the article, I received a gift of their candles and a diffuser. A beautiful gift that has filled my home with fresh spring and summer scents. And added some soothing colour pops to my living spaces.

Brooke & Shoals - Spring and Summer Scents to Fill Your Home - Spring Summer Collection

Brooke & Shoals are open for business online and their delivery is swift. A great option if you plan on treating yourself or have a gift to purchase for a loved one. You can visit their site at:

My Brooke & Shoals Delivery Experience

My gift was delivered within a few days. The packaging was minimal and apart from a very small sheet of bubble wrap, could be recycled with ease. But I actually kept the pretty bows from the candle and diffuser boxes for future arts and crafts with my boys.

On that note – the candle jars can be washed and repurposed as containers for whatever you choosing – makeup brushes, bobbins or simply to look pretty.

Brooke & Shoals – Lemon Mandarin & Magnolia Diffuser

Brooke & Shoals - Spring and Summer Scents to Fill Your Home - Lemon Mandarin & Magnolia Diffuser

Easy to assemble the Brooke & Shoals Lemon Mandarin & Magnolia Diffuser was ready to adorn a shelf in our living room in seconds. Simply remove from the box, take the silver top off and remove the cap, place the included natural rattan reed sticks in the diffuser, flip them over for soakage and your room is smelling divine in minutes.

This scent is fresh with a combination of citrus and floral aromas. The zest coming from the mandarin and lemon, while the floral tones brought through from white jasmine and magnolia. I have to admit that compared to the scents of the selection of Brooke and Shoals candles I have – it took a little longer for me to come around to. But I really enjoy it now and it has found its home in our living room – a place that we come to unwind and relax.

Brooke & Shoals Candles

All Brooke & Shoals candles are made in Ireland from:

  1. A natural wax blend.
  2. High quality fragrance and essential oils.
  3. Lead-free cotton wick.

The regular 190g sized candles have at burn-time of up to 45 hours. So plenty of time to enjoy their aromas over and over again.

Brooke & Shoals – Lemon Verbena & Bergamot Candles

Brooke & Shoals - Spring and Summer Scents to Fill Your Home - Lemon Verbena & Bergamot

Described by creator Alison Banton as ‘A wonderful symphony of zesty citrus fruits & lemon scented herbs create a fragrance blend that will energise you’ – this candles basically do exactly what they say on the tin, so to speak. The subtle fragrances and aromas from the essential oils gathered from both the lemon verbena and bergamot plants compliment each completely.

Brooke & Shoals – Grapefruit & Lemongrass Candle

Brooke & Shoals - Spring and Summer Scents to Fill Your Home - Grapefruit & Lemongrass Candle

If you’re looking for an uplifting or ‘invigorating’ option when choosing your Brooke & Shoals candle then this should be high on your list. Made by infusing ‘the sweet citrus notes of grapefruit with the lively notes of fresh lemongrass’ this fragrance fusion is innovatively invigorating. Spring and Summer are refreshing seasons that bring about a feeling of rejuvenation and energy and the aroma from this candle reflects that.

Brooke & Shoals – Lavender Cyclamen & Sea Salt Candle

Brooke & Shoals - Spring and Summer Scents to Fill Your Home - Lavender Cyclamen & Sea Salt

I love lavender, so much so I grow it myself. I also love the sea, so this beautifully fragranced Lavender Cyclamen & Sea Salt candle is one of my favourite candles from the selection of Spring Summer scents I own. Described by Alison as a combination of ‘a heavenly floral heart with fresh sea spray accord to evoke the de-stressing & rejuvenating effects experienced from a coastal walk‘ – I can’t fault it.

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