Burmese Brunch at The Meeting House, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The Meeting House Brunch – Eat, Drink, Art, Music.

Not so long ago Patrick and I had ourselves a foodie feast at the ‘Exclusive Launch of Brunch by The Meeting House‘. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc you’d already know that, and there’s a chance you drooled over my photo’s and hopefully checked out The Meeting House Brunch for yourself. If you didn’t and you haven’t, then prepare to drool and get that phone ready because you might just be making a booking real soon …

Burmese Brunch at The Meeting House, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Let’s start with the location. The Meeting House can be found on Essex Street East, Meeting House Square, Temple Bar in Dublin 2. A central location that is easy to find. 

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The restaurant whose motto is ‘Eat, Drink, Art, Music’ has three different areas for you to put their motto to the test; the ground floor, the first floor and the terrace, each offering its own unique character. The ground floor has a double height ceiling that’s mirrored and a full bar. Its walls are adorned with ‘I want this in my life‘ art from Irish based Artists and its tables are tattooed with designs and patterns that would look good on any toned arm. The first floor again has a bar, but has views of the Dublin streets below and looks onto the ground floor. The terrace off the ground floor looks out onto Meeting House Square, the perfect spot for people-watching especially on a Saturday when the Temple Bar Food Market is in full swing. When we were there we were treated to the sounds of band ‘Gin ‘N’ Juice’, who played live for the duration of our brunch experience but this wasn’t out of the ordinary for the restaurant as they host live entertainment every week. So there you have the ‘Art’ and ‘Music’ checked off … now for the ‘Eat’ and ‘Drink’

Burmese Brunch at The Meeting House, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Launched as a new ‘Burmese Brunch’ because the dishes are new and you share the plates you order (well that’s the idea – you don’t have to if you don’t want to, no one will judge you, just yourself), The Meeting House is definitely on the cards for a return visit from us very soon.

Burmese Brunch at The Meeting House, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

We loved our brunch experience. The food was fresh and delicious. Each dish we tried was well thought out with ingredients complimenting each other in taste, texture and colour, and even though a new menu, it felt perfected.

Burmese Brunch at The Meeting House, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The cocktails were scrumptious, fun and were highly suitable for a Saturday afternoon tipple. The staff were friendly, approachable, attentive and seemed to thrive on the atmosphere the launch had created. We felt relaxed and satisfied …

Burmese Brunch at The Meeting House, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Surrounded by art, listening to music, eating delicious food and drinking moreish cocktails … how could you not want to spend at least some of your precious weekend doing that?!?

At the launch we were treated to ‘Fresh Exotic Fruit Salad served with Mint, Fresh Coconut, Infused Syrup and Coconut’, ‘Glazed Pork Belly served with Soft Poached Duck Egg, Toasted Coconut Bun and TMH Smoked Hollandaise Sauce’ …

TMH Boa Buns – Toasted bao Buns with Crisp Lettuce & Cucumber, TMH Salsa Verde, Asian Raw Vegetable Slaw, Crispy Sweet Potatoes and Aromatic Smoked Brisket of Beef‘ …Burmese Brunch at The Meeting House, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Blueberry Pancakes served with Fresh Berries, Infused Syrup & Coconut Soy Yogurt’.

For drinks we enjoyed freshly made non-alcoholic fruit drinks by the carafe and a ‘Breakfast Martini’ made with marmalade, lemon juice, orange liqueur and Beefeater Gin, a ‘Brunch Buddy‘ made with pineapple infused Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, chocolate Liqueur, banana, vanilla and milk, and a ‘Porn Star Martini‘ made with Vanilla Vodka, vanilla sugar, passionfruit puree and prosecco.

If you are planning on brunching it up Burmese style at The Meeting House soon, I would happily recommend you order what we were treated to as a tasting menu. All plates are €9.99 and are designed to share with your dining partner. The price of cocktails vary but fall into the €10 range which is great value for proper cocktails.

If brunch times of 12 noon to 5pm Saturdays and Sundays don’t suit you, then fret not fellow foodie because dinner is served 5pm – 12.30am Monday through to Sunday and the menu which has been recently updated to include delights like Blackened Cod, TMH Pork Dumplings and Mini Asian Tuna Burgers looks mouth-watering too.

For more info, menus and to book, visit The Meeting House Website | FacebookTwitter

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