6 Embarrassing Health Problems And What To Do About Them

Embarrassing Health Problems And What To Do About Them

From time to time, embarrassing health problems can crop up. For whatever reason, we wind up feeling anxious, guilty, and even shameful about what our bodies are doing.

It’s a shame because, for the most part, we don’t choose our health problems, they choose us.

In this post, we take a look at some embarrassing health problems you might encounter and what you can do about them. Let’s take a look.

1. Constipation

6 Embarrassing Health Problems And What To Do About Them - Constipation

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Telling somebody you’re constipated is always a little awkward, not because there’s something intrinsically wrong with it, but just because of general attitudes towards the problem. The weird thing about constipation, though, is that most people are constipated. Humans should visit the bathroom a couple of times a day. But a lot of people are going less than once every two days, and sometimes every seven.

The cure for constipation depends on what’s causing it. If you’re eating too little, try upping your intake of healthy food. That soon gets things moving. If you’re eating a lot, try replacing regular foods with fiber-rich alternatives. So, instead of eating mountains of white toast in the morning, eat wholegrain or, better yet, oatmeal.

Over time, adding fiber to your diet will help it start functioning properly again. And all the annoying side effects of being constipated will vanish.

2. Smelly Feet

6 Embarrassing Health Problems And What To Do About Them - Smelly Feet

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Having smelly feet is one of the most embarrassing health problems because it evokes people’s “disgust” reactions. But, for the most part, smelly feet are actually normal. For whatever reason, the same bacteria that make cheese smell funny also enjoy taking up residence on our feet.

Smelly feet only become an issue if you have a serious fungal infection. In this case, you may need to visit the doctor for treatment.

3. Hair Loss

6 Embarrassing Health Problems And What To Do About Them - Hair Loss

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Nobody wants to lose their hair. But thanks to quirks in our evolution, it does happen.

These days, however, you can get treatment online for that sort of problem – which is great if you’re still shielding at home. You simply apply whatever serum or medication your physician gives you and see whether it has any effect on your hair. Many times, it’ll let you hang onto what you’ve got, and sometimes bring it back.

4. Body Odor

6 Embarrassing Health Problems And What To Do About Them - Body Odor

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Body odor is a common condition that can afflict certain people more than others. How much your body smells depends on a combination of your genetics, habits, and environment.

Most people, for instance, develop body odor if they do not use soap and water. Bacteria on their bodies multiply over and over, producing detectable smells.

You can also get body odor from eating certain foods. For instance, cumin contains compounds that can make their way back out through the skin after consumption.

If you have tried washing that that doesn’t work, you might want to experiment with antibacterial deodorants to keep the smell at bay. You could also move to a more plant-based diet (which helps to reduce smelliness). Or you could ask your physician about possible medication.

5. Bad Breath

6 Embarrassing Health Problems And What To Do About Them - Bad Breath

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Bad breath is a common side effect of medications used to treat depression and urinary incontinence. For some it can be a result of cavities, or it can be a sign of stomach problems. For others it can be a result from something so simple as eating strong foods, like garlic and onions. Over indulging on alcohol and cigarettes don’t help the situation either.

For many people, bad breath is a consequence of dry mouth.

If you’re having trouble, then speak to your dentist about what you can do to prevent bad breath. The most common cause is a poor diet combined with irregular oral hygiene. Only cleaning your teeth once every couple of days gives bacteria time to build up in the mouth and cause bad breath issues.

6. Flatulence

6 Embarrassing Health Problems And What To Do About Them - Flatulence

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Flatulence, as a condition, affects more people than you might think. The sources of flatulence include high sugar foods, high soy foods, or any food that you wouldn’t ordinarily eat. The most common cause of flatulence is putting something into your gut that your existing microbiome cannot process effectively.

The advice is this: Always try to eat consistently. Don’t over-indulge in any new food too suddenly. Instead, if you want to change your diet, transition yourself gradually.

Flatulence can also result from taking in too much air when you swallow your food. It has to come out somehow. So if you don’t burp, it’ll come out of the other end. The solution is to eat more slowly and purposefully, making sure you’re not gulping down your food, but chewing and swallowing it naturally.

Just remember that the average person passes wind about 21 times per day, so a little bit of flatulence is normal and healthy.

Feature image: Pexels – CC0 Licence

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