4 Helpful Tips For Exercising With Your Glasses

Exercising With Your Glasses

Whether you’re working on your fitness and strength to lose weight, you’re exercising for aesthetic reasons, to boost your confidence or as a social activity, regular exercise is something we should all be partaking in.

But when you have glasses, exercising can quickly become additionally challenging. Whether they’re slipping down your nose due to sweat or movement, getting smeared and dirty due to touching, or they’re at risk of being thrown from your face, wearing glasses when jogging, at the gym or in an exercise class is often problematic. Thankfully, you don’t have to switch to contact lenses or exercise without your glasses to get by.

Consider these helpful tips for exercising with your eyewear.

4 Helpful Tips For Exercising With Your Glasses - Prescription Sunglasses

1 – Consider Prescription Sunglasses

If you’re a jogger or if your exercise regime takes you outdoors in the sunshine, then you’ll know how uncomfortable it can be when the sun is glaring in your face, making it difficult to see. EyeBuyDirect.com offer a wide range of prescription sunglasses, perfect for joggers and individuals who enjoy exercise in the great outdoors. No need to carry two different kinds of frames with you, just one set of high quality, stylish prescription sunglasses.

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4 Helpful Tips For Exercising With Your Glasses - Strap or Band

2 – Invest in a Glasses Strap or Band

Whether you’re wearing prescription sunglasses or traditional eyewear when you workout, the last thing you want to worry about is your frames moving around on your face or falling onto the floor. When you invest in a glasses strap or band, it will hold your frames in place, giving you the confidence to move vigorously during your workout. A tighter strap also reduces the risk of your glasses or strap getting tangled in a machine.

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4 Helpful Tips For Exercising With Your Glasses - Better fitting frames

3 – Find Better Fitting Frames

If you’re participating in low-impact exercises – like walking on the treadmill or using a recumbent bike – yet your eyewear is still moving or slipping down your face, then you may need to readjust the frames or better yet, invest in new frames that fit your face better. Better fitting frames or even considering eyewear designed for smaller faces (i.e., teens) for a snugger fit, is also a potential option. If your frames are large, due to a specific style choice, then opting for a pair of smaller frames specifically for when you’re exercising makes sense.

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4 Helpful Tips For Exercising With Your Glasses - Consider Goggles

4 – Prescription Goggles

Are you a swimmer? Do you like to hit the pool for some more relaxing exercise? Or are you in rehabilitation for an injury and swimming is aiding your recovery? If so, hitting the pool wearing glasses creates all kinds of problems, not only will they get wet and become impractical, but you’ll spend more time trying to keep them dry than focusing on your performance. In contrast, swimming without your frames means you’re at a visual disadvantage and at risk of bumping into others. Opting for a pair of prescription goggles ticks all the boxes and will help you focus on your swimming session.

Final thoughts…

With these tips, exercising with your glasses or sunglasses doesn’t have to be a challenge. Head online to eyebuydirect.com for the latest in glasses styles and eyewear options.

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