Expressing Yourself Anew In 2021 in 3 Ways

Three Ways to Expressing Yourself Anew

Expressing yourself is an important part of being human, and you do it no matter if you intend to or not. How you dress, how you relate to other people, the means by which you curate and prioritise certain things in your life – all of this speaks to who you are and who you are trying to be. The great part here is that even if we’re not happy with ourselves, we can always improve and move forward in the best instance, developing a confidence and worth that helps us grow and become better at expressing ourselves. This positive feedback loop can be quite rewarding if only we encourage it, and that’s what this article aims to help you do.

But what does it even mean to ‘express yourself?’ Well, it means being able to truly know who you are and to show that in everything you do. For some people, it might involve dressing well and indulging in good clothing on top of Balenciaga bags, for another it might mean expressing their creativity, for others a career. Often, it’s a combination of many factors. But how can we improve our self-expression for the new year? Let’s consider that, below:

Expressing Yourself Anew In 2021 in 3 Ways - Appearance

1 – Expressing Yourself with a New Appearance Milestone

It can be nice to try something new, a new means of switching up your appearance or adorning it with something you find appealing. This can fit different profiles for different people. One person might love to get a new tattoo, another might wish to dye their hair, another may decide to completely outfit their wardrobe in a new style, one perhaps more colourful and confident than they have had the courage to wear before. We challenge you, warmly, to express yourself going forward. You never know how much of a personal benefit it can have on your confidence and wellbeing.

Expressing Yourself Anew In 2021 in 3 Ways - Creatively

2 – Expressing Yourself with a New Artistic Skill

Many people think ‘oh, I can’t write,’ or ‘oh, I can’t paint, so there’s no point in me trying.’ The thing is, you don’t have to be good at either of these practices, or anything like them, for you to try. They only require a nominal investment to get started. Doing so could help you begin to express your inner thoughts and express your creativity – while also feeling more confident and appreciative of your willingness to take risks anew. If anything, that’s sure to help you feel better in your approach.

Expressing Yourself Anew In 2021 in 3 Ways - Indulgence

3 – Expressing Yourself through Indulgence and Comfort 

Indulgence and comfort really can mean something. It might mean realising that you are worth pampering from time to time. That investing in yourself is a great idea. Take for example the indulgence of experiencing a trip away (we can live in hope for 2021). Perhaps heading to a beautiful new location and exploring it while staying in a humble hotel can help you gain a sense of comfort in your soul, because often, we are happiest and most interested in life when we’re actively partaking in it. Give yourself permission to try – you’re sure to see how powerful this approach can be.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily express yourself in 2021 and beyond.

Photos by Anna Shvets

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