Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have

Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have

If you’re currently on the lookout for your next family home or you’ve bought your dream home recently, it’s important to think about the features it needs. A family home is typically the one you will live in for the majority of your life, and it will be where some of your best memories are made with the ones you love.

There are a lot of essentials when living in a family home such as more than one toilet between the family as well as plenty of storage space – but today we want to talk more about the fun features that will make a house feel more like an amazing home.

Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have - Breakfast BarImage by Lex Sirikiat

Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have #1

A Breakfast Bar

The first feature you should consider bringing into your home this year is a breakfast bar. A breakfast bar is typically situated in the kitchen of the home, and it’s an ideal spot for your family to sit casually over breakfast or brunch.

Suitable for small children in highchairs, it will be important to be mindful of toddlers as they grow and learn to climb kitchen stools. And as your children become teenagers – rather than sitting in the dining room, or even in front of the TV for lunch, consider sitting at the “The Breakfast Bonding Bar” and talking to each other about your day.

Sidenote: Not only does the breakfast bar open opportunities for family bonding, but sitting up straight at a table is better for your digestion too, so it’s a win win!

Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have #2

A Basketball Hoop

One fun feature to bring into your family home this year is a basketball hoop in the garden. Whether you have a little bit of space on your front drive or a large area at the back of the house, a basketball hoop is a great way to keep the kids entertained and it will also be the perfect way to get you outside and exercising.

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Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have - A Home Cinema SystemImage by Adrian Cogua

Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have #3

A Home Cinema System

One of the best features you can have in a family home when you want to make the most of the space is a home cinema system. Whether you create a whole cinema room in your house or simply vamp up your main living room, a cinema system will enhance your viewing experience and make every movie you watch feel like a blockbuster. Simply put -it’s a great way to bring the whole family together in the evening.

Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have #4

A Jacuzzi Bath

Your bathroom is a room in the house which should be relaxing and used for self care. That’s why a great idea this year is to install a jacuzzi bath and really up your self care game. This will be super fun for the kids when playing during bath time and for you it will provide the perfect escape, if fleeting, from the stresses of parenthood. As well as this consider adding a waterfall shower head to the room and this will give you the perfect spa like feeling every time you go for a wash.

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Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have - TrampolineImage by – Jasper Garratt

Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have #5

A Trampoline

One of the best feelings as a child was heading to that one friend’s house who had a trampoline. Trampolines are super fun, and are the perfect excuse to get the kids outside and playing with each other, and their friends.

Although trampolines are definitely not easy on the eye and take up a lot of space in your garden, trampolining offer hours of enjoyment for your children. And it’s the perfect place for your littles to bounce away any pent-up wildness or excessive energy (better the soft netting of the trampoline, than your walls and sofa!). So if you have the space in your garden, consider bringing a trampoline into it.

Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have - Pizza OvenImage by  Or Hakim

Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have #6

A Pizza Oven

For those of you who love nothing more than to host parties in the garden during the summer months, there is no better gadget to bring into your space than a pizza oven.

A pizza oven can be added as an extension to a brick barbecue and it will instantly vamp up your garden party game for the better. If this is too permanent, you can always purchase a portable pizza oven – there are lots on the market, with some that actually work on top of your BBQ!

A pizza oven is a fun way to cook and everyone can make their own personal pizzas and watch them cook as they soak in the sun, or watch it set.

Fun Features Every Family Home Should Have #7

A Gaming Corner

One great idea for a home feature if you have children is a gaming corner with a screen and comfortable seating such as bean bags or a gaming chair. Whether you like to play games together as a family, or you have a child who enjoys streaming, it’s always a great idea to have a dedicated gaming space where everyone can thrive and have fun.

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Consider some of these fun features to help enhance your family home this year and bring some fun into your living space.

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