Grooming On the Go: A Short Guide to Creating a Men’s Hairstyling Kit

Why Carry a ‘Men’s Hairstyling Kit’?

Days are gone when hairstyling was a thing for women only. Today, men are grooming experts and it’s not surprising to find men owning the best hairstyling kits in their closets. If you like staying fresh and well-groomed, you should also do so when travelling or on a trip. However, you might not always have access to a great Barber Shop. And so you won’t achieve your grooming goals, if you don’t pack the right products or tools.

Grooming On the Go - How to Create the Complete Men's Hairstyling Kit - Bathroom

Any fashion-conscious man should keep his hairstyle in mind when grooming. Men’s hairstyles are constantly changing thanks to information online, and the availability of skilled barbers. This change can also be attributed to easy access to a wide variety of hairstyling products. And with so many hairstyles to try these days, owning a barber apron and a complete hairstyling kit is high on the packing list for most men.

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It’s a smart move to invest in the best hairstyling tools. And if you love travelling, investing in a hairstyling kit should be considered. Why? Well a well-equipped hairstyling kit will help bring out your grooming taste. You will have the right tools to properly shave and trim your hair to your desired styles. And because you feel fresh and styled, you’ll also feel more confident when meeting new people as you travel.

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A Short Guide on What to Carry in a ‘Men’s Hairstyling Kit’

You know the satisfying feeling of owning a barbershop apron. It feels fashionable and professional, but it is more satiating if you carry in your grooming kit the best tools. Here are the top products to find in men’s hairstyling kits;

1: Hair Clippers – Clippers are great for home use as well as when you are travelling. They are portable, affordable and come in varied designs as you can choose corded or cordless clippers. They are also easy to use. You can try these from

Grooming On the Go - How to Create the Complete Men's Hairstyling Kit - Hair Clippers

2: Hair Trimmers – A good trimmer will help you get a closer trim near sensitive facial parts as you trim your beard or clean-shaven head. All you need is to keep the blades neat and satisfactorily oiled.

3: Combs – Combs are part and parcel of a great hairstyling kit for men. You will not only use them to comb your air or beard, but also when doing clipper-over-comb. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your comb of choice but do check out available comb designs on the market. Like these from

Grooming On the Go - How to Create the Complete Men's Hairstyling Kit - Combs

4: Brushes – Men who like grooming and keeping their hair and beard in shape shouldn’t forget to get the best types of brushes on the market. Ensure they come with rubber cushions that easily conform to your head’s natural contours.

If you are fond of shaving and trimming your beard, make sure to include a shaving brush in your kit. This type of brush that gently distributes shaving cream, creates a rich lather, softens and lifts facial hair allowing for a more enjoyable shave. The brush should also have flared bristles that hold water and cream. Don’t forget to look at the stiffness of the brush and material used to make them.

5: Tweezers

If you like to groom your brows, you should also pack a tweezers in your hairstyling kit. Tweezers will help you hold and clean up disorderly brows. Go for those designs made from surgical stainless steel. Like these from

Grooming On the Go - How to Create the Complete Men's Hairstyling Kit - Tweezers

6: Hair dryers for men

Hair dryers are used to dry hair faster as well as achieve more defined hairstyles without much hassle. They can be used on most hair products.  And in some cases help spread out the products you have applied, so you need to use less.

7: Beard and hair creams

A great hairstyling kit cannot be complete without moisturisers, oils and creams. Whether they’re for your face, hair or beard. Match your skin type and what you’re trying to achieve to the product you’re looking for. Blogs like this one are usually a great source for product reviews.


Written by: Duncan Kingori. Duncan has been in the writing profession for a decade now. His educational background in communications and public relations has given him a concrete base from which to approach different topics in various niches, including fashion and style.


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