Heineken Stage Fright – It’s All About The Legends

Heineken Stage Fright 2014

Heineken Stage Fright

Heineken – It’s all about the beer. Well, that’s when it’s not all about Irish talent, a few Irish A-Listers, unsuspected tomfoolery and a live audience. I’m just loving the way this story unfolds, from Odyssey inspiration to talent search and then the finale. For you’re pleasure here’s a brief rundown … 


The backgroud 

Heineken Stage Fright 2014

Following their latest T.V. Advert ‘Odyssey‘, Heineken wanted to prove that ‘Everyone is Legendary at Something‘, so they went on the hunt for some Irish Legends. To help them find such legends they brought in the calvary in the shape of Conor McGregor (MMA Champion), Jennifer Maguire (Radio & TV), and Shane Byrne (former Irish Rugby International) to create the Heineken Irish Legend Talent Search video, and here it is, if you haven’t already seen it … you’ll be surprised by what these talented Irish A-Listers have to share, I know I was … 


The Stage Fright 

Talent Search over, and the chosen legendary finalists signed up to showcase their unique abilities to a camera. They entered what they thought to be a recording room but were they in for a surprise … or should I say a fright ? … Brilliant Heinekin! You little divils … Stage Fright at it’s best! Check out our own Irish Uri Gellar and Maradona … 

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